Phone & Smart Meter Dangers

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Phone & Smart Meter Dangers

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Appearing during the middle two hours, specialist in occupational epidemiology, Dr. Samuel Milham, shared his contention that cellular and utility industries are misrepresenting the safety of cell phones, and smart meters that are being installed to residences. He first became suspicious about problems associated with electricity when he conducted occupational health studies in the 1960s, and discovered that electricians, appliance repair people and others who worked with electricity had "a systematic increase of cancer and other causes of death."

Regarding cell phones, there has been an association with brain tumors on the side of the head that the phone is held up to, he reported. Using the phone's speaker or texting is safer, and if holding the phone up to the head one should always leave a gap of at least 5/8th of an inch, he advised. Milham also cited physical and mental problems that can be related to the newer cordless DECT phones, which are constantly sending microwave emissions from their base.

Smart meters which are increasingly being added to homes by utility companies (often without residents' express permission) spread "dirty electricity," – a kind of electrical pollution, through their transmission of microwaves, and create a higher voltage in the ground, he warned. Part of the scheme is to have individual appliances feed usage data to the smart meter, and Milham suspects that utility companies may be planning to sell or monetize this information. For more, see a recap of Milham's appearance on the 12/8/10 show.

The last hour of the show featured Sound Off Open Lines.

Currency & Rights

First hour guest Dr. Robert Rowen talked about America's heritage, problems with the monetary system/currency, and the erosion of citizens' rights. He cited how Americans are regulated from the cradle to the grave-- "we're in a debtor's prison now, which is not a prison with bars-- it's a prison of regulations," he commented. Our currency, he explained, is created out-of-thin-air as debt owed by the government to a central bank-- the Federal Reserve Bank, which is considered a private corporation. Pointing toward 1933 as a pivotal year, he suggested that when Roosevelt and his Congress ended the gold standard in 1933, it was a theft from the American people.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Michael Cremo


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