Pyramids, Egypt, & Angels

Pyramids, Egypt, & Angels


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCarmen Boulter, Rod Pyle

Retired professor at the University of Calgary, Carmen Boulter, shared her theories about the properties and purpose of Egypt's ancient pyramids, as well information on a new study she conducted on the effects of the Great Pyramid on the human aura and chakra systems. She also discussed her research on angels and archetypes. There are certain points within the Great Pyramid that have increased energy and that is where the sarcophagus is placed, she said. Her experiments involved people getting inside the sarcophagus, where some reported having conscious out-of-body experiences. "I think the ancient initiates were trained in a way that we don't even understand-- they were learning how to navigate other-dimensional spheres, so that when they passed from this body they were able to stay conscious," she explained.

Boulter spoke about the notion of some pyramids being "live," in which, for instance, seeds brought into them would go on to have greater yields. The Great Pyramid, she noted, still has energy, particularly a few days before and after solstices and equinoxes-- "there's a crystalline matrix in a lot of the stones," which contributes to the energy. She recently returned from Russia, where she presented her paper on the effects of the Great Pyramid on people's psyches. Participants showed increased connections between their chakras and the energy field, after being inside the Pyramid (see related graphics). She plans to repeat her study there on 12/12/12.

Angels have different orientations or specialties, and Boulter classified them into a system of 22 types "that access various points of consciousness and archetypal energy." The ancient Egyptians were able to "make a bridge" to enable angelic contact, she said. The way this works is that the angel "densifies" itself while the human becomes more refined for a moment, and at this juncture they can interact with one another, she detailed. "That's how some people can see light beings, or know they're being spoken to," she offered.

Curiosity & Space Missions

First hour guest, author Rod Pyle talked about the Curiosity Rover, the passing of Neil Armstrong, and various space missions. One of the most exciting things about Curiosity is that it has the ability to drill down about 2.5 inches into rock, which in geological terms could yield new types of data about Mars, he observed. Interestingly, he noted that Mars "is swimming in water,"-- it's estimated that there's enough ice in the South Pole alone that if melted, it could put something like a 25-30ft.-deep ocean around the whole planet.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros (Related image), Jim Berkland, Peter Davenport




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