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Theories of the Universe / Ufology Update

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In the first half, Howard Bloom discussed his research into the nature of the universe and its creation of time, space, energy, and the human race. While he is an atheist, Bloom stressed that his perspective differs from "intolerant atheism," which decries religion, and is more heavily influenced by pure science. To that end, he observed that his view of science requires the acknowledgement that "every idea is a hypothesis waiting to be proven and every hypothesis is something waiting to be overturned." Accordingly, he said that this outlook "calls for tolerance, pluralism, and freedom of speech." That said, in searching for answers behind "cosmic creativity," Bloom credited his atheism as an advantage because it requires a scientific answer for all of the mysteries of the universe.

According to Bloom, one key aspect of his research is the mystery behind the "material power of immaterial things." He explained this concept by describing how a wave in the ocean consists of many small water particles that are constantly changing as it travels. Bloom marveled that the wave retains its shape despite the fact that the contents within it are continuously different. He also extended this analogy to the human body, which is always refreshing its cells yet the identity of the person remains the same, as well as mathematics, which is a wholly immaterial thing that possesses tremendously tangible power. Rather than ascribe the source of this "material power" to God, Bloom asserted that the job of science is to begin to step into the territory of the divine and not to venerate it but to "show the mystery in ways that just floor you."

Ufology Update

In the latter half, Ufologist and physicist Stanton Friedman talked about the changing public perception of UFOs, what may be behind the phenomenon, and famous cases like Roswell as well as the alleged Aztec, NM UFO crash. Friedman noted that the ever-increasing knowledge of the vastness and complexity of the universe has given rise to widespread acceptance of the possibility for life existing beyond Earth. Today, he said, children grow up to simply accept this concept rather than dismissing it out of hand, as previous generations had. Friedman credited this emerging openness, along with the media treating the subject more seriously, for the rise in UFO reports in recent years, noting that MUFON currently collects over 600 cases a month. Ultimately, he expressed excitement that "people are waking up to what is going on."

Friedman also shared the conclusions he has reached regarding the UFO phenomenon after researching if for decades. He declared that there is "overwhelming evidence" that Earth is being visited by "intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft" and that there is a "cosmic Watergate" in place to keep this fact a secret. Additionally, Friedman contended that "there are no good arguments" against these points and, ultimately, the UFO enigma constitutes the "biggest story of the millennium." On the motivations of the ETs, he conceded that deciphering their agenda is difficult, but surmised that they have an interest in seeing if humans can develop beyond their aggressive nature. While skeptical that official disclosure is imminent, Friedman did suggest that someday "we will find out what was going through the heads of our guys and of the aliens."

He will be appearing, along with Kathleen Marden, at the 2nd Annual "Captured! The Betty & Barney Hill UFO Experience" event at Indian Head Resort in New Hampshire from September 14th to the 16th.

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