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Premonitions & Blue Moon Open Lines

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In the first half, paranormal expert and author Joel Martin talked about premonitions and related stories. According to Martin, eight out of ten people have received an after death communication from a deceased loved one. Many of these are actually premonitions, he said. They can be challenging to research because one must either accept a person's claim or be present to record the premonition and verify the subsequent predicted event, Martin explained. He defined a premonition as a forewarning, usually related to tragedy, and noted how they are part of the normal human experience. Premonitions should be fairly specific and not merely a general feeling of unease (i.e., common sense), he added.

Martin pointed to some historical figures that were able to tap into their premonitory powers, including Leonardo da Vinci, Nostradamus, George Orwell, and Edgar Cayce. Abraham Lincoln had a premonition of his own death, he revealed, detailing how the 16th President had dreamed of a White House filled with people mourning the assassination of their leader. Ulysses S. Grant's wife also had a precognitive dream and kept her husband from attending the theater with Lincoln that fateful night, Martin disclosed. Other noteworthy historical premonitions warned of the catastrophic coal mining accident in Aberfan, Wales, where 144 were killed, and the sinking of the Titanic, which reportedly caused numerous passengers to cancel their bookings, he said.


During Blue Moon Open Lines, Larry in Longview, Texas, recounted his teenage ecounter with a ghost. Larry said he was at a friend's house watching television one night when the porch light inexplicably turned on and then, a few moments later, switched off again. The same thing happened in the kitchen, he added. His friend revealed that the house was haunted by the spirit of an elderly man named Sherman. Larry recalled going to sleep that night and being disturbed by light coming from the bathroom. Upon investigating, he discovered a bald, elderly man with glasses, dressed in pajamas and bent over the sink. He slowly disappeared as soon as he saw me watching him, Larry revealed. Oleg from Wheaton, Illinois, told George about the time he was abducted by a UFO in the Ukraine. He claimed to see humans operating the craft but could not remember what, if anything, happened to him while he was onboard. Oleg said he was completely drained of energy when they returned him.

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