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Theoretical physicist Amit Goswami is a pioneer of the new paradigm called "science within consciousness." He discussed the nature of consciousness, evolution, and how the notion of God is connected with quantum physics. In a sense, basic reality is comprised of consciousness and all possibilities are contained within that, he said, noting that past, present, and future are included in this, so that we are left with a kind of timelessness, or eternity, as it's referred to in spiritual traditions. We are here because consciousness wants to manifest possibilities, and through the setting up of limitations, we are able to evolve to subtler and subtler forms of manifestations, he continued.

A source of causal power (called "downward causation" in religion) allows for possibility to become actuality, he explained. Consciousness communicates with matter and doesn't require any signal, as matter is part of consciousness itself, and this quantum non-locality (signal-less communication) "gives us the basic measurable concept that can then verify the existence of God," Goswami stated. Regarding, evolution, "the data suggests very strongly that while there are continuous epochs of evolution, there are also very quick bursts of evolution," which could be seen as quantum leaps, or the creativity of consciousness itself, he noted.

He also addressed the subject of quantum medicine. Quantum physics legitimizes what are called subtle bodies-- which includes feelings and thoughts and the mental world, he said. This means that in addition to our physical body, we have a vital body that we feel, a mental body that thinks and gives meaning, and an intuitional body. According to Goswami, disease can occur not just to the physical body but to the subtle bodies as well, and treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy can be particularly effective on the subtle bodies.

The Education Process

First hour guest, educator and radio host Dr. Robert Rose talked about how he structured his teaching and classrooms to create a more successful learning environment for students. He spoke of creating a "self-sustaining classroom," in which the teacher empowers students to take responsibility for their actions, as well as the importance of music, art, drama which are actually shown to enhance academic ability. Rose said he offered a "student court" in his classroom, in which a student could request a hearing by their fellow classmates, if they felt they'd been treated unjustly. Because of this recourse, he noted that he had very few behavioral problems in his classes.

News segment guests: Johnny Rose, Dr. Peter Breggin


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