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In the first half of the show, survivalism expert Jim Rawles discussed how the collapse of the dollar and the stock market could cause civil unrest in major metro areas, and shared tips for preparedness. Eventually, foreign investors are going to demand a higher rate of return on treasury paper and "that will be the key trigger to unravel the whole ball of wax," he said. This will certainly happen within the next 10 years, probably within the next two years, he stated. If we have a solar storm or EMP event, it could take down our telecommunications system. Food stamps (which some 43 million Americans currently receive) are now on EBT cards, handled by a centralized computer system. If that system goes down, we'd have riots within hours, he warned.

The US continues to be plagued by unemployment, under-employment, and college students swimming in student loan debt, Rawles noted. He advises students to complete college in six years rather than four, taking part-time jobs to pay their way through school. In general, people should pay down their debts, and reorder their finances, working out a budget to figure out which expenses they can do without, he suggested. Regarding preparedness, it's important to gradually stock-up on staple supplies for as much as three years, if you have the storage, he remarked. For more of Rawles' preparedness tips, see a recap of his 10/12/11 show appearance.


In the latter half, former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, and former nuclear submarine officer in the U.S. Navy, JD Messinger, talked about his journey from corporate businessman and inventor to helping people understand how sources of inspiration bubble up from the subconscious mind to affect one's destiny and divine potential. Over a number of years, he's had metaphysical experiences, as well as synchronistic events and prophetic visions. His recent book 11 Days in May (view book trailer), was written in parables, as he channeled the information from a higher source over an 11-day period.

Messinger shared some of his visions, which he sees playing out like a TV show in his mind. He said he predicted the crash of the stock market, as well as the energy crisis, and the rise of the price of oil. His visions of the future include a damaging solar flare, civil unrest, and difficulties in China. He foresees serious problems coming our way in the 2015-2017 time frame. Americans are hooked into the "consumption model," defining themselves by their careers and material possessions-- but this is not who they are, and it doesn't bring them happiness, Messinger commented. "There's a convergence of forces pulling us together, and tearing us apart...and the people I call 'the warriors of the light' need to stand up and take action," he declared.

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