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Gruesome Hauntings & Open Lines

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In the first half of the program, author and paranormal researcher Chad Lewis discussed his research into some of the most gruesome haunted locations in the Midwest—places cursed by tragic accidents, suicides, and murder (Related Photos). Lewis said he investigated more than 100 locations over the course of several years, all of them open to the public. You can even spend the night where notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer took one of his victims, he noted. Other creepy places he visited include Luna Pier, Michigan, where an orphanage burned down and its caretaker committed suicide, and Bloody Bride Bridge in Wisconsin, where stunned witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly image of a woman in a blood-soaked wedding gown roam the area.

Lewis recounted a 'woman in white' story that a man at his speaking engagement in Minnesota shared with him last night. According to the man, he picked up a woman who appeared to be in need assistance. The man told Lewis that after the mysterious female got into his car he turned to ask a question, but she had vanished without a trace. Others have described seeing a woman dressed in old-fashioned white attire standing on the side of a road who can enter the car even if its driver doesn't stop and the windows and doors are locked, Lewis continued. Some witnesses in Wisconsin have reported a woman in white figure pushing an antique carriage late at night along lonely stretches of road, he added.

Visitors to haunted locations are often affected by the grisly history even if they have no knowledge of what happened there, Lewis explained. As an example, tourists to Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota, have contacted him about feeling a strange suffocating sensation upon entering a certain room in the house. They do not know that a woman and her housekeeper were murdered there but they can feel the sadness and terror nonetheless, he explained. Lewis revealed the creepiest place he has investigated—Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa. The curious can spend the night there, he said, noting reports from those who have heard screaming children and a figure carrying a bloody axe disappear into the walls. Sensitives and others with psychic abilities should not visit these locations, he warned.


During Open Lines, Jeremy in Tulare, California, recalled the frightening night he was on patrol near his base in Okinawa and looked in his rear view mirror to find an unexpected passenger sitting in the back seat of his military police vehicle. Jeremy said he freaked out, slammed on the brakes, and I called for back-up. I got out of the car, drew my weapon, and saw that nobody was in there, he added.

Paul from Winchester, Virginia, told George about a haunting that followed his family from one place to another. In one house, my wife and I heard laughter coming from our infant son's bedroom and found flipped pictures and an ectoplasm-like substance on the walls, he reported. At another place, we felt a force jumping on the edge of the bed and my wife could hear a voice saying, "Here I am, Mommy!" Paul expressed a belief that his family was being haunted by the spirit of a child they had lost to miscarriage years earlier.

Don in Syracuse, New York, shared his own ‘woman in white' account that occurred in 1986 near the Czechoslovakia-Germany. According to Don, he and his team saw a lady dressed in white clothes running away from pursuing Czechoslovakian guards. We maneuvered our vehicles to intercept her and block the Czech soldiers from firing at her when "she just dissipated into nothing," he revealed.

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