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As one of the few people in the world to earn a PhD in parapsychology from a major university, Jeffrey Mishlove, brings the discipline of science to the study of not only parapsychology, but metaphysics and intuition. He described intuition as knowing something without knowing how you know it. Interestingly, he reported that the Office of Naval Research was offering a $4 million grant to study how intuition can be applied to the battlefield, in a kind of 'spidey sense' training. Rather than remote viewing, they are calling it "implicit learning"-- or the ability of the human mind to solve problems subconsciously and recognize danger before it occurs.

Mishlove reviewed his involvement in the case of Ted Owens, the "PK Man," who claimed to have telekinetic powers. Owens, a volatile man who said his powers came from "Space Intelligences," shared 168 demonstrations with Mishlove over a 10-year period. "It's hard to be scientifically precise when you're dealing with large scale events-- I'm talking about earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, power blackouts, UFO sightings, heat waves, cold waves, as well as individual events...Basically, I would say 2/3 of those demonstrations came off more or less as he said they would, and the events that occurred were remarkable things that you would not expect to happen by chance alone," he recalled.

Mishlove said he was excited by Prof. Daryl Bem's research at Cornell University, in which he showed evidence for precognition. Subjects seemed to have certain predictive physiological responses before they were shown a specific stimulus. Mishlove also talked about his involvement as the Dean of "transformational psychology" at the University of Philosophical Research, which provides online graduate-level degree programs for students wishing to integrate ancient and contemporary wisdom.

Man-Wolf Update

First hour guest, researcher, author and newspaper reporter, Linda Godfrey, shared an update on man-wolf sightings in America. She talked about a case in Maine (see sketch below) where a couple saw five 6-7 ft. tall upright canids coming toward them on their yard. The couple retreated into the farmhouse, and later shone a spotlight on the yard and saw five pairs of yellow-green eyes staring up at them. Godfrey espoused two different theories to explain such creatures-- they are either a specially adapted wolf species that have found it advantageous to walk and run around on their hind legs, or according to Native American lore, they are some type of spirit creature that can take on a physical presence.

News segment guests: Damon Vickers, James McCanney, Lauren Weinstein


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In tandem with the 10/4/12 show, Linda Godfrey shares this eyewitness sketch, representative of one of the six-to-seven-foot tall, bipedal canids that stalked Shelley and Eric Martin in their own yard near Palmyra, Maine. Reproduced with permission from Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America.

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