Vampires, H.P. Lovecraft & Open Lines

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Vampires, H.P. Lovecraft & Open Lines

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In the first half, Dr. Bob Curran discussed the haunted mind of writer H.P. Lovecraft and his impact on the modern horror scene, as well as other mysteries, including the American vampire. Curran said he spent his early boyhood years reading Lovecraft and became fascinated by the scope and dark vision of his world, populated by ancient gods and supernatural forces which pre-existed Christianity. Lovecraft was a tormented individual who lacked social graces and considered himself an outsider from the rest of society, he continued. Most of his relationships were actually through correspondence, Curran noted. It is this 'apartness' that gives his work force and which has inspired other writers, he added.

Curran spoke about various vampire legends brought to America by the numerous cultures throughout history that made their way to this land. Tales of the Dutch nachtmerrie, or night visitors, can be found in New York, he revealed. In South Carolina there are vampires that can remove their skins and be driven out only by the color blue, Curran said. The Scotch-Irish of North Carolina brought with them folktales of famine wells and in Tennessee there are stories of a vampiric chair which can draw energy from those who sit in it, he reported. According to Curran, in addition to blood vampires can feed on sweat, other bodily fluids, and energy. In New Mexico, vampires appear as balls of light that can attach and draw energy from people, he cited. Curran also spoke about his upcoming expedition to a vampire's grave in Ireland.


During Open Lines, George offered a special line for stories about people who have almost choked to death. Lonnie in Sapulpa Oklahoma, recalled the time he was in a pizza joint in Tulsa and witnessed another patron choking on his lunch. Lonnie said he grabbed the man from behind and performed the Heimlich Maneuver, which dislodged a large chunk of pizza and saved his life. Ann from Chicago shared a frightening story of choking in a high-end restaurant where no one helped her. According to Ann, she ran into the kitchen and slammed her abdomen against a sink until the stuck food fragment was forced out. An interesting call came in from Angel in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, who told George about the time sleep paralysis kept him pinned to his bed as shadow people began appearing in his room.

News segment guests: Pat Brown / Catherine Austin Fitts / Steve "Dr. Sky" Kates

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