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Trend Tracking

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Trends analyst Gerald Celente regularly provides business and industry with customized presentations and commissioned research studies in over 300 trend categories. He joined John B. Wells to talk about what he sees on the horizon for the United States. Celente reviewed how he got his start analyzing events and tracking trends, as well as the development of his globalnomic methodology. Tracking trends is "the knowledge of where we are, the understanding of how we got here, so you can see where we're going," he said.

Celente commented on the state of the economy, dispelling the notion that some inflation is good and blaming Ben Bernanke for debasing the currency. The system is skewed to assist large multinational interests over the individual entrepreneur, Celente continued, noting that Washington DC is practically run by big business. He called for regulations, such as Glass–Steagall, to level the playing field.

Celente spoke about the economic wars underway throughout the world, predicting that many countries will lose their sovereignty and banks will ultimately be placed under a singular central bank. Celente described the upcoming presidential election as a choice between the lesser of two evils. He encouraged people to stay home and not vote, as either candidate will continue to support the current corrupt system. "Nothing will changed until the people change," he admonished.


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