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Mars Update & Open Lines

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Open Lines kicked off with a call from Jim in Spring Ridge, Louisiana, who told George about an unusual clay tablet he inherited from his brother. Etched into the tablet are images depicting what appear to be an Anunnaki god or king with a crown atop his head fighting against two creatures with human heads, wings, and clawed feet, he explained. Jim admitted that he does not know if the tablet is genuine. Toby from Fresno, California, briefly shared his theory which places the biblical figure Noah in the Atlantean age. The great flood associated with Noah wiped out Atlantis as it was located in a valley, he speculated.

Monica in Ocala, Florida, described her heart-stopping encounter with a shadow person. Monica remembered being at a friend's house late one night when she saw what appeared to be a dark shadow race across the opening to a bedroom. According to Monica, another friend stopped by and described seeing a similar shadowy figure in the home on the previous night. Chris from Urbana, Ohio, revealed that he and a friend use to practice 'the craft' as young teens and it apparently opened a door to allowing them to see some rather frightening entities. Chris recalled being pursued by tall shadow creatures with slanted red eyes.

Vanessa in New York was thankful to be calling from the phone in her apartment, as it had been out for several days due to the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. She simply wanted to acknowledge a man named Eric who had traveled from Connecticut to her neighborhood with a portable generator to help residents there without power. A caller named Constantine, who said he became frustrated with a stalled three-hour line for gas in Queens, New York, announced that he traveled to Connecticut to buy gas. There are no lines or gas rationing there in that state all along Interstate 95, he reported.


During the first half of the program, Richard C. Hoagland commented on NASA's announcement about the Curiosity rover finding no trace of methane on Mars. Curiosity landed in the southern hemisphere during Martian winter so detecting methane would be like finding an apple on a tree in New Jersey in wintertime, he explained. According to Hoagland, the Mars Express Orbiter, as well as several terrestrial scientists, have observed methane signatures on the Red Planet. He suggested that methane on Mars likely varies with the seasons and may still be detected as Curiosity continues its ongoing measurements of the planet. Hoagland also spoke about new images from Curiosity that reveal what he believes are Martian artifacts. These images appear to show a tennis shoe, a 100-ft long bent metal plate, and a four-sided pyramidal capping stone, he said.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Stephen Bassett / Dr. George Pratt

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