Death Squads & Collapse of Civilization

Death Squads & Collapse of Civilization


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsJames Roger Brown, Glynis McCants

Conducting a five-hour broadcast (Download Hour 5 MP3), John B. Wells was joined by sociologist and analysis methodologist James Roger Brown for a discussion of his work documenting pseudoscience, science fraud, structural corruption, and organized crime in government agencies and programs. Brown's research is based on his own mathematical model which describes social processes using neural structures, or biological programs, as the unit of analysis. If we could scan neural structures, entire libraries of knowledge could be preserved in perpetuity, he speculated. In addition, it would allow for the development of a dictionary of neural structures that could be used to thwart terrorist acts, Brown noted. Neural scanning technology could also be used for nefarious purposes. One could theoretically develop a weapon to target specific groups with certain learned skills (biological programs), such as lawyers, he proposed.

Brown disclosed the reality of clandestine death squads in the United States. Some are officially sanctioned by the federal government, while others are more properly grouped into either the vigilante or gang category, he revealed. As an example, Brown claimed that Israelis have been granted permission to enter the country and kill American citizens. Any religious or political organization with threatening ideologies, such that they can justify killing other people, will give rise to death squads, he said. Brown admitted that he has been the target of such groups. The only way to protect oneself is to enact legislation that assigns the responsibility to the state police since death squads are a process of the federal government, he suggested.

According to Brown, our civilization is in the process of collapse similar to the fall of the Roman Empire. He noted that the Mayans appear to be correct about a coming time of crisis. Brown commented on the ATF gunwalking scandal in which American guns were sold to Mexican drug cartel, as well as revealed that the Chinese are smuggling containers of AK-47s and pre-positioning them in the U.S. He thinks this may be a precursor to war. Brown believes the breakdown of society could land us back in the Stone Age and he encouraged listeners to begin making preparations. He also spoke about science fraud in the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2, as well as the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials. ETs are here for intelligence collection and analysis, and because they have legitimate grievances from past human activity, Brown said.

Numerology Update

In the first hour, numerologist Glynis McCants talked about numerological patterns, significant dates, and what she sees ahead for the presidential election. Barack Obama is in the fight of his life because he is in a personal year of '8', she explained, noting that despite his obvious campaign fatigue he shares a life path number '2' with two-term presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, which she believes gives him a slight edge. Mitt Romney has a '6' for leadership and is entering a cycle of '3' which is all about communication, McCants said, suggesting that this could mean he will be the next president. Regardless of the outcome, running mate Paul Ryan will be a force to be reckoned with in politics, she predicted. Speaking about the sense of anxiety many are feeling presently, McCants indicated that the year 2012 produces a world number of '5' which promotes chaos and drama. She pointed to several significant dates coming up: 12/12/12, a good day to launch a creative endeavor and 12/21/12, then end of the Mayan calendar and what McCants described as a healing date. On 11/11 McCants recommended listeners light a white candle and write down something they would like to achieve.



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