2012 Election Special

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2012 Election Special

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George Noory hosted a special 5-hour show with coverage of the presidential election results, featuring a variety of guests offering their analysis of the outcome and what it means for the United States. Starting the night off, analyst John M. Curtis cited Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as being too far to the right, and that he would have done better if he'd chosen someone like NJ Governor Chris Christie to be his running mate. Curtis also suggested that Romney was hurt by running on the theme that the US economy was dire, when data suggested that such areas as housing, the auto industry, and the stock market had recovered.

Investigative reporter Greg Hunter lamented that while $6 billion was spent by both parties getting their message out during the election cycle, they ignored the most pressing issue facing Americans-- a coming financial crisis, brought on by the Federal Reserve printing $85 billion every month. This open-ended currency creation will lead to a U.S. bond market collapse, and a massive interest rate spike that will wreck the economy, he warned. For more, view his recent article. Financial analyst Mish Shedlock talked about how "late deciders" moved toward Obama, when Romney's momentum stalled after Hurricane Sandy. In terms of the economy, he cited a negative effect of Obamacare, in which corporations employing more than 50 people, such as chain restaurants, are reducing worker's hours to skirt health coverage requirements. For more of Shedlock's take on the election, see his blog.

Numerologist Glynis McCants, who correctly predicted Obama's victory (related article), talked about how in 2013 Obama is going into a Personal Year of 9, which usually means clearing one's space for new beginnings. She also noted that 2013 is a "6" year which relates to family and business. "The cycle of 6 is power; it's magnetic. I see it as a good cycle for everybody who felt this year they couldn't get it together...they have another chance," she enthused. Author Jerome Corsi, who'd been traveling with the Romney campaign, spoke about the wide division in the United States between the two parties, and rural and urban voters. He credited Obama's advisors for putting together an effective ground game, and getting out the votes they needed. But, he noted, Obama's supporters could in be in for a shock if "sequestration" (forced budget cuts) go into effect in January.

Researcher Bev Harris spoke about election and voting issues. She was critical of the way some of the network's called certain results. For instance, the Tennessee results were announced before they would have had time to count any votes-- and this was a state that had no exit polls. She also noted that in the close race of Ohio, there were over 200,000 provisional ballots that won't be counted until November 17th. Appearing during the 4th hour, prophecy expert John Hogue reviewed his correct prediction of Obama's victory, and suggested that because of the deep problems America is facing, we may see Congress working together more, and being less obstructionist to the opposing party. The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.

News segment guest: Jeffrey Smith

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