Climate Change, NDEs, & Alaskan Pyramid

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Climate Change, NDEs, & Alaskan Pyramid

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed how global warming and climate change pose a serious threat to national security, the extraordinary near-death experience (NDE) of Dr. Eben Alexander, and an update on the alleged underground 'dark pyramid' in Alaska.

According to a CIA-commissioned study, climate change poses a threat to America's national security. She spoke with one of the authors of the study, Prof. John Steinbruner from the University of Maryland, who told her that "climate extremes are going to be more frequent and Hurricane Sandy is an example of what that could mean. We're also saying it could get a whole lot worse than that." As global warming becomes a dominant factor in the coming years, millions of people may have to relocate from coastal cities, particularly on the East Coast. The US government is not adequately prepared, and needs to invest in better preparation and relief, "and if we don't do it, we're looking at devastating damage down the line," Steinbruner commented. More here.

In her update on the alleged underground Alaskan pyramid (which she reported on in the 7/26/12 and 9/27/12 shows), Linda shared new new information about a little-known 4,500-foot-airstrip (Farewell Base) that was built and used by the U. S. government from World War II until the 1970s. This base was located not far from the "square" area near Mount McKinley, she'd been investigating as a possible location for the pyramid. She enlisted an aerial photographer to fly in a helicopter over the "green square" area but his photographs did not reproduce the square outline originally indicated on a Google map, which may have been due to seasonal flora variations in the area. She also interviewed an Alaska Airlines pilot about his observations flying over Farewell Air Base. Further details.

Over two-segments, Linda presented her interview with neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, who offered analysis regarding certain aspects of his NDE. He discovered that the mysterious angelic being leading him from the butterfly wing to the 'Core of All There Is' matched a photo of a blood sister whom he had never known nor seen in a photo until after his NDE (Alexander had been adopted as a young infant, and had later reached out to his biological family). He related his experience inside the "divine field" to the concept of frequency. "I think the entire higher dimensional multiverse is all about frequency and ratios between dimensions," he commented. He also spoke about his experience of the oneness and all-knowing at the foundation of the Core, as well as seeing a kind of "yin/yang" symbol that represents a duality that emerges. As to why evil is a part of our world, he suggested that Earth is a "soul school," and that evil plays a role in the soul's evolution and graduation to higher levels. More here.

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

First half-hour guest, UFO activist Stephen Bassett talked about a planned Citizen Hearing on the disclosure of an ET presence. Scheduled to take place between April 29–May 3, 2013, at the National Press Club in Washington DC, it will feature "the most powerful assemblage of disclosure witnesses ever brought together in one place," testifying in panels of 3 & 4 to a hearing committee made up of former members of the US Congress, he detailed.

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