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In the first half of the program, George Noory welcomed author Alasdair Wickham (book link) for a discussion on a variety of paranormal and supernatural related topics, including ghosts, demons, black magic, and hybrid creatures. Wickham recalled his first encounter with a ghost which occurred when he was a teenager living in his grandparents' house. According to Wickham, he was awakened by strange sounds one night and walked out of his bedroom to find what he described as "darkness in the middle of a darkness" staring back at him. From that experience Wickham learned that ghost do not harm those who witness them. The same cannot be said of demons, however, as they are able to interact with and possess humans, he said.

Wickham acknowledged the reality of demonic forces noting that "from the universal experience of humans throughout history I think you can say that demons exist." He cautioned against simply labeling any troublesome entity as a demon and suggested attempting to find out what it actually is before calling in an exorcist. Wickham talked about poltergeists as well, which he placed somewhere in between demons and ghosts. They are destructive, mischievous, can move things and talk through people, and must run their course, he explained. He referenced a series of poltergeist events in England in the 1970s that were witnessed by numerous people.

Wickham also spoke about cursed movies, such as Superman and Poltergeist which ended in the premature death of some of the participants, sightings of half-human half-bird/animal creatures, as well as ritualistic killings. He shared the case of a murder victim thought to have been involved in supernatural worship and witchcraft who endured the ancient triple death ritual—he was drugged then strangled, stabbed, and hit over the head.

The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

News segment guests: John Lott / Lauren Weinstein / Richard C. Hoagland

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