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Apocalypticism & Biblical Texts

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Appearing during the middle two hours, expert in theology, Biblical languages, and world civilizations, Mike Heiser discussed the history of apocalyptic beliefs, why for millennia we have predicted "end times," and the current concern over 12-21-12. The end date of the Mayan calendar or the closing of one of their cycles would have been a cause of celebration for the ancient Maya, and they never said anything about the end of the world, he commented. "They were really about the new beginning on the other side; I think we sort of filled in a negative field to it," he added. Further, the Bible doesn't say anything about 2012, though it may be possible to pull out some references to it using the Bible Code, or by juggling numbers mentioned in certain apocalyptic passages, Heiser continued.

He questioned the idea of the Rapture believed by some Christians, noting that this is a New Testament interpretation based on two different events related to Jesus' second coming, whereas certain occurrences in the Gospel described in different ways, are considered a single event. He spoke about the number 666 mentioned in end times prophecy, which he related to the Greco-Roman concept of the 'magic square of the sun,' a kind of occult mathematics. Through a circuitous route, the number 666 indicates something about the cosmic impostor or enemy to God or Christ, he suggested. Heiser also critiqued the work of Zecharia Sitchin, disagreeing with a number of his translations of Sumerian cuneiform, which form the foundation of his theories about Nibiru, and the Annunaki.

Clairvoyance & Energy Reading

First hour guest, clairvoyant Dr. Lauren Cielo talked about how she reads soul energy, and her psychic process. She believes her clairvoyance is related to the sixth chakra which plugs into the pineal gland, and has been called "the third eye" throughout the ages. Currently, our bodies and chakras are being bombarded by new energies, as our planet moves into a new ascension phase, she said. Cielo noted that people can be born with different spiritual "contracts," but through energy work, these can be shifted or changed.

During the last hour, as we moved into the calendar date of 12-21-12, George featured Open Lines, with the special topic of 'what would you do if this was your last day?'

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Shamanic astronomer AJ McGettigan writes: The big solstice is upon us. I’m pleased to offer a slightly different take on this celestial event. We have many challenges during these times, however, we also have many things working in our favor. We also have great tools and resources, as yet unused.

This solstice marks both an ending and a beginning. The start of something that we are all discovering together presently. The graphic (click on to view larger) depicts a striking relationship among the planets and asteroids surrounding us in the sky at the exact moment of the solstice. The shape of this alignment does not signal something to fear. It signals new birth and deep regeneration.

Stillness calls

Waves of air

Lifting new wings

I have also just created a YouTube video with more details that you can view here. Solstice blessings and peace.

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