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George Noory checked in with various guests on the status of the post Mayan calendar world. Reporting live from the Mayan Galactic Cruise, C2C science advisor Richard C. Hoagland suggested that HAARP activity played a role in ensuring the worst case scenarios of Mayan prophecy did not come to pass. Prophecy expert John Hogue bid farewell to 'end times' thinking and encouraged listeners to face the future without pinning their hopes on a specific date or external events. Change must come from within, he noted.

Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames looked to 2013, warning of a year filled with chaos and havoc as well as the beginning of the solar 'killshot' sequence. Author Mike Bara identified the day as one that provided humanity with an opportunity to vote with thoughts and prayers on the kind of world they wanted. Energy pulses from the center of the galaxy hit us every nine days and we can use it to change our culture positively he said. Social pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard celebrated 12/22/12 as our first planetary birthday, adding that if we look to the impulse of creativity being born in us, we can in turn give birth to a world as we co-create it.

Author L.A. Marzulli characterized the hype surrounding 12/21/12 as a red herring that has drawn attention away from real prophecy currently manifesting in the Middle East. Specifically, he pointed to the prediction in Isaiah 17 of Damascus becoming a ruinous heap as well as looming events foretold in Ezekiel 38. Marzulli said he believes the Mayans received their calendar from interdimensional 'sky gods' that may possibly be angels. Author and hospice volunteer Dannion Brinkley praised the Mayans for their advanced knowledge of astrophysics and remarkable understanding of galactic alignments. He revealed that we are moving from a Galactic Period in which corrupt institutions collapse into a Universal Period characterized by no more secrets.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg said he was not worried about the 12/21/12 apocalypse, as the future life progressions he has conducted with patients showed it would be just another day. Meso-American scholars have found nothing about the end of the world in Mayan records, he added. Goldberg advised listeners to access their higher selves and not let others bring them down. Glynis McCants offered numerological insights, noting that the master number for this auspicious date is '11'. This is about communication and the opportunity to let things go and become a better person. McCants warned of conflict on 12/23/12 and said the new year will be about getting back to the basics in a 'cycle of 6.'

Author Whitley Strieber credited the media with propagating end-of-the-world hype surrounding the date. He also corrected some misconceptions, noting that we are not passing over the lens of the galaxy and the planets are not in alignment. Researcher Wynn Free shared an opposing point of view, explaining that on 12/21/12 a celestial alignment allowed energy to flow into our realm at the strongest magnitude in the history of mankind. This energy is causing the Earth, a third chakra planet, to move into a fourth chakra marked by compassion and empathy, he said. Humans must open their heart chakras to the new energy to continue on their evolutionary track, Free added.

Author and nuclear terrorism expert Robert Gleason pointed out that there is no evidence of any forthcoming apocalypse in the extant Mayan writings. Everything we know about them is really just from their monuments and oral traditions, he said. Huffington Post writer Lee Speigel expressed his concern about the psychological impact the doomsday date may have had on certain individuals. One science teacher claimed that parents of two of her students planned to kill themselves and the children, he reported. Mythologist William Henry identified the day as a 'mile marker' in an ongoing internal process, not a destination. Now the real work of rebuilding our world view begins, he announced.

Investigator Graham Hancock said he is filled with joy at the idea of humanity waking up and taking back sovereignty from the state, corporations, and religion. Our destiny lies in our own hands, he added. Egyptologist Robert Bauval marvelled at the Mayan's ability to calculate the apparent movement of the precession of the equinox. He also commented on the controversy surrounding archaeologist Zahi Hawass as well as the final round of voting on Egypt's constitution. Scientist Maurice Cotterell explained that the Mayan calendar has not actually ended and contains accurate information about sun cycles and magnetic reversals.

News segment guests: Peter Breggin / Lloyd Pye


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