Electronic Harassment Special

Electronic Harassment Special


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDerrick Robinson, Lisa Becker, Ron Gillman, Miles Johnston, Joanne Summerscales

In this three hour special, a number of guests addressed the growing problem of electronic harassment, remote assaults, surveillance, and organized stalking. First up, Derrick Robinson, President of the human rights organization Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), said he was targeted, stalked, and harassed after leaving the Navy, and then discovered many others were experiencing the same thing. While such tactics didn't seem completely foreign to Robinson coming from the military, "what I have found when people come to me is that they just don't know why they're being targeted,"-- they are average, law-abiding citizens not causing any problems. Though he hasn't communicated directly with the perpetrators, what he determined from their technologies and methodologies is that "this is a worldwide mind control, population control agenda that is happening." According to Justice Dept. figures from 2009, some 500,000 people have reported being the victim of some type of group stalking, he cited.

Symptoms of electronic harassment vary, though many victims report hearing voices not their own, telling them to do certain things, said Robinson, adding that this kind of technology was developed decades ago (the Russian's LIDA machine is one example). Next up, Lisa Becker and Ron Gillman, two targeted people, described their experiences. Becker believes she was microchipped and implanted during an elective surgical procedure as part of an agenda that's using neuroscience experiments to gain control of the human mind. Gillman lamented that he hears a variety of "voice-to-skull" messages all day long, and also had corrective surgery to repair damage he suffered from microwave energy weapons.

UFO researcher Miles Johnston with the Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline (AMMACH) appeared in the second half, and spoke about how power grids are being used to send out forms of electronic harassment. He said that the banning of incandescent bulbs in favor of LED and 'energy saving' bulbs is part of a scheme to send pulsed codes into the brain, possibly employing alien methods. At some transmitter stations, there have been reports of a strange black goo that shows signs of intelligence, he noted. Joanne Summerscales, the founder of AMMACH, joined Johnston, and spoke about a frequency device that functions as a gateway portal which interfaces with dimensional visitors. In the last hour, UK resident Marie Kayali, who'd had ET-related incidents early in life, talked about deliberate harassment she endured, and Jean McDonald described various involuntary procedures conducted on her, such as implants placed in her eye, using alien technology.

Ian's Book & Announcement

First hour guest Ian Punnett talked to George about his new book How to Pray..., and also announced that July 14th would be his last regularly scheduled appearance as a Coast host due to continued problems with his tinnitus condition. Back when he was in seminary, he started collecting people's prayers, and realized there was a lot of anger toward God, which he decided to make the subject of his book. "The important thing is, we've got to get anger out of our systems, or it will kill us," he remarked. As for his next plans, Ian said he's been named as a scholar-in-residence at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Phoenix, and will begin working on his PhD there in the fall.

News segment guests: Richard C. Hoagland, Christian Wilde


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