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Demons, Paranormal Topics & Open Lines

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In the first hour, George Noory welcomed Father Andrew Wingate, who discussed exorcism and claims by the Catholic Church's top exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, that he rid the world of 160,000 demons. Commenting on the extraordinarily large number Amorth asserts, Wingate pointed out that a thorough exorcism can evict as many as 50 to 60 demons and devils from a possessed individual. Not every priest can or should be an exorcist, he continued, noting the need for certain natural instincts and how much is involved in performing an exorcism. Wingate shared a story about a bishop who got careless with an exorcism and was himself possessed. Individuals can open themselves up to possession by playing with tarot cards or Ouija boards, he warned. According to Wingate, untrained priests can use a particular kind of incense to drive out demons and devils. If the smoke can be seen or smelled, evil cannot be present, he revealed, adding that this method frees a person from possession for 11 days so they can repent. Should the formerly possessed individual not turn to God, the evil forces come back and take over, he cautioned.

Second hour guest, author Gail Godfrey, talked about accounts of the unknown, entities and related topics presented in her book, A Paranormal Reader. Godfrey said she wrote the book to give readers a greater understanding of the facets of dimensionality. She recounted a ghostly experience from childhood when on a drive with her mother through town she saw figures dressed in period clothes sitting on the front porch of an old Victorian house. They had an alarmed look on their faces, she remembered. Godfrey described walking into a 'nest' of upset spirits at Saratoga Battlefield National Park in New York. The experience taught her that ghosts of individuals who live out natural lives often return to places of significance for them, she explained. Godfrey spoke about similarities in tales of angelic encounters, noting in particular a reference by witnesses to tubes of light. She also commented on mediumship and consciousness. Memories and humanity's collective unconscious reside outside of the brain, she posited, adding that this helps explain what mediums are picking up on out there.

During Open Lines, Gary in California called the 'scary' hotline to share an unusual tale about a morphing portrait of Jesus that hangs on the wall of his house. According to Gary, one day the face of Jesus inexplicably turned into George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and a couple of other unnamed individuals. Gary said he asked his wife if she also saw the portrait change and she confirmed the strange occurrence. John from London, England, presented his theory about a hidden message in Syfy's alien-based Defiance television series. In the show there is a wall at the center of town labeled 'GES226,' John explained, noting how 'GES' is numerically equivalent to '13' so when read backwards the date 6/22/13 is revealed. He thinks it may be warning of false flag terror attacks in several cities on June 22 of this year. The government is likely behind it, John added. Sharon in L.A. shared her belief that mentally-ill people see angels because they need them. She also told George about a revelation she had at two years old, when she awakened with some dismay to the fact that she was an indigo child. A guardian angel appeared to help calm her, Sharon recalled.

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