TWA 800, 9/11 & Gregory Scarpa Sr.

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TWA 800, 9/11 & Gregory Scarpa Sr.

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Investigative reporter Peter Lance joined John B. Wells to discuss the crash of TWA 800, the 9/11 attacks and the story of Gregory Scarpa Sr., a Mafia killer who became a top FBI informant. The NTSB and FBI concluded that Flight 800, which in 1996 exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York, was likely caused by an electrical short igniting fuel vapors in the wing tank. According to Lance, the most plausible cause of the crash was an al Qaeda bomb linked to terrorist Ramzi Yousef, who he identified as the mastermind behind both World Trade Center bombings as well as the bombing of Philippine Airlines Flight 434.

In December 1994 Yousef planted an explosive device on Flight 434 as part of the Bojinka terrorist attacks, he continued, noting that authorities eventually uncovered Yousef's plan and arrested him. Lance shared stories about ruthless mob hit man Scarpa Sr., who from 1962 forward was a Top Echelon Criminal Informant for the FBI. His memos went directly to J. Edgar Hoover, he added. Lance connected Yousef to the son of Scarpa Sr., who had been incarcerated around the same time at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. Yousef told Scarpa Jr. about his role in the Bojinka plot and plans on the part of his cohorts to blow up another plane so a mistrial could be declared, he explained. Perhaps it is not surprising then that on the eve of the most damning evidence in Yousef's trial, TWA 800 was brought down. Read more about the bombing of TWA 800 and its cover-up here.

Police State Update

In the first hour, editor Mike Adams talked about how America is rapidly devolving into an oppressive police state. "What we're seeing now is that the idea of being a peace officer is being replaced by federal programs that are giving these police training as if they're military occupying forces," he said. They are receiving equipment that our armed forces use for their operations overseas, including Humvees, armored vehicles and fully automatic assault weapons, Adams added. We are living in a de facto police state, he continued, noting recent cases where officers arrested witnesses for recording them, executed a man's dog and even forcibly strapped a suspect down in order to forcibly take his blood. Anyone who works for the government has immunity and the rest of us have lost our civil rights, Adams declared, warning how the nation will eventually collapse under the weight of martial law.

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