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Personal Oracles / Intention Experiments

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In the first half, spiritual teacher Ann Bolinger-McQuade shared how to identify the signs and signals which she calls personal oracles that can guide us along life's journeys. Such oracles can be a kind of personal intuition or telepathic warning, she commented. For example, a woman named Rhonda was out walking her dog, when a hummingbird flew in front of her face, and she got a strong sense of danger and decided to head home. Upon her return, she found a telephone message from her neighbor alerting her that some mad dogs were in the neighborhood and had attacked some livestock and killed their pet. "The universe sends us these messages in ways that we can interpret them, and ways that resonate with us personally," she remarked.

She suggested writing down or making note of when you get a feeling or intuition to do something or not, and then seeing how the outcome plays out. This will help make you more aware of personal oracles, which can come in five different categories-- conduits, mirrors, synchronicities, signs & symbols, and "invisible moving sidewalks." The last category, she explained, is when you step into an action without even realizing it, and arrive at a new destination or decision. Signs & symbols refer to an object such as a rock or cloud, shaped in a certain way that you might interpret uniquely. For instance, there is a boulder in Taos that she thinks looks like a tortoise and when she sees it, it reminds her to slow down. "There's all kinds of things hidden like that for all of us, all the time," she added. For more, check out this video trailer for her book, Personal Oracles.


In the latter half, researcher Lynne McTaggart discussed the evidence of how working together is fueling our evolution because we're connected on a subatomic level. She also shared results from the intention experiment on Washington DC using the power of the C2C listening audience, which she conducted a year ago. The goal was to reduce all violence by 10% in crime-plagued neighborhoods, particularly Capitol Hill. She engaged experts to review DC crime data and they found that violent crime decreased 33% in the Capitol Hill area from the previous year up until May of 2013. Interestingly, they found that only violent crime went down, non-violent property crime stayed the same. The experiment also called for peace on Capitol Hill in the Legislature and Senate, and the day after it was conducted, Speaker Boehner gave Nancy Pelosi a hug to congratulate her for her 25th anniversary in the House, McTaggart pointed out.

McTaggart has discovered that the power of connection is as important as the power of intention, and they are especially impressive when combined together. Referring to the "power of 8," she noted that small groups of 8-12 people were often effective in conducting healings for people struggling with health problems. Additionally, connection or the sense of belonging is like a potent drug that can protect against heart disease and other ailments, she asserted. In "scientific studies of people doing something together with a common goal like building a barn, for instance, everyone's brain waves start resonating in synchrony," and this resonance is what really amplifies intention, she reported.

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