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George Noory welcomed author and psychical researcher Tricia Robertson (Book Link) for a discussion on evidence of life after death. "I think I know now there is life after death through the evidence," she stated. Robertson said she follows the paradigm of the Society for Psychical Research, an organization founded in 1882 by eminent scientists of the day for the rational and systematic study of alleged paranormal phenomena. One must go in with an open mind, free of any particular belief system, and examine the evidence, she added. According to Robertson, there is compelling evidence that the dead present themselves to the living as apparitions, via poltergeist activity and through mediums. The most common reason a spirit comes back is to communicate that they did not cease to exist, she observed.

Robertson spoke about her investigation into mediumship which led to the publication of three peer-reviewed articles examining the hypothesis that all medium statements are general and could apply to anyone. Good mediums have been shown to give highly significant information that neither they nor their recipients could have known at the time of the reading, she reported. As evidence Robertson shared details from a case involving a young girl who had been murdered. Robertson had the mother place a personal object belonging to the daughter in a sealed envelope which she took to several mediums. One man, Gordon Smith, immediately recognized that the object belonged to a girl who had been killed and made 29 specific statements about the victim, she revealed. Twenty-two of his statements could be verified as correct, she added. "If I hadn't been there myself, I wouldn't have believed it," Robertson pointed out.


Open Lines

Kathleen in Redding, California, shared her experience with a medium whom she consulted six months after her husband committed suicide. Kathleen disclosed that her husband had suffered from alcoholism during his life and the medium indicated he went to a resting place in preparation for a soul detox/rehab. The medium also revealed how guiding spirits were helping him through this process, Kathleen added. David from Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced his membership into the Earth Protectorate Division of the Intergalactic Counsel of Planets Subdivision of the Supreme Being Counsel of the Universe. The person that I work for is a member of the galactic counsel that protects all the planets of this universe, he explained, noting how the Illuminati have launched a war against his group's leader. Steve in Kansas told George about his involvement in a 'black hole' military program at The Boeing Company. According to Steve, special arrangements had been made with owners of commercial 747s to modify the fuel jettison systems to dump chemtrail particulates.

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