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Investigating TWA 800 / Dreams

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In the first half, former police officer specializing in accident investigation, James Sanders (book link), discussed his investigation into the downing of TWA Flight 800, and his journey looking for the truth behind what happened. He was married to a TWA flight attendant when the plane went down in 1996. He initially resisted getting involved, but began to suspect that a cover-up was taking place. Later, he and his wife were indicted for the crime of receiving residue from the accident and having it tested. He found out that the residue was the result of intense heat both outside and inside the fuselage, when an explosive force came through.

On the evening of July 17, 1996 the Navy was conducting a large military exercise in the area near Flight 800, and 26 seconds before the plane was hit, FAA radar picked up a missile launch, which Sanders assumes was part of the Navy exercise. Then, Navy radar tracked the missile as it approached the right side of the 747, and two key witnesses watching TWA 800 from the ground, observed a missile approach its right side and explode where the leading edge of the right wing meets the fuselage, he recounted. Further, there was a second missile that blew the nose off the plane, he said. Sanders speculated that the cover-up was the product of a series of political decisions, particularly, that if the truth about the incident got out, it could hurt Clinton's re-election prospects later that year. "It is my belief that Flight 800 was the catalyst for everything they've covered up since then," he added.


In the latter half, "The Dream Team," Michael & Nicole Sebastian, talked about how to verify the prophetic nature of dreams, and how to use 'dream-tracking' to guide your future. If you journal or log your dreams, and review them quarterly, "you will see their prophetic nature, and by that sense you will come to know the feeling of the dream when it's prophetic and when it's not," Nicole explained. Regarding dream symbols, your personal word association is the best clue for interpretation, combined with looking at what was on your mind during the previous day, she continued. We program our dreams by the thoughts that we have before going to sleep, Michael noted, and this can be done consciously, so that we can select what we want to dream about.

Many researchers have said that we dream 4-6 times a night, but according to Michael, we're dreaming during the entire process of sleeping, with perhaps 20-40 different dreams that represent "a travelogue of where we've been in the altered state of consciousness" that happens during slumber. The Sebastian's recommended the HU technique for creating mental harmony and enhancing dream recall.


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