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UFOs, Disclosure & Strange Creatures

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In the first half of the show, George Noory welcomed John Greenewald of the Black Vault for a discussion on UFOs, disclosure and strange creatures. According to Greenewald, his website houses the largest private collection of declassified government documents in the world—some 700,000 pages obtained through FOIA requests. The most popular topic on the site is UFOs, he noted. There has been a massive government cover-up regarding UFO phenomena and it did not stop in 1969 as they would have citizens believe, Greenewald declared. In fact, top-secret documents on UFO sightings have been created within the last 10 years, he revealed, adding that in many instances they are completely blacked out from top to bottom for reasons of national security.

The government is capable of covering up things like this for decades, Greenwald continued, questioning why UFO phenomena is a threat to national security if it involves known military vehicles. If these are simply top-secret aircraft, then government documentation would not list them as UFOs, he posited. The reality is the military is seeing objects in the sky for which they have no explanation, he suggested. Regarding disclosure, Greenwald said he does not think the government will ever admit that UFOs may be extraterrestrial in nature, what they know about them and the role they've played actively covering up their existence. "You can't lie about something and not have it be something... you can prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the United States government is lying about it," he observed.

He also commented on a recent story about a mysterious sea creature discovered floating on the surface of the Persian Gulf by a group of sailors. Greenewald said he spoke with a crew member who photographed the strange-looking carcass and he, along with the captain of the vessel, admit they have never seen anything like it. They do not believe it is a dead whale as has been reported in the mainstream media, he reported, pointing out that a whale's body will eventually sink after death, not decay and rot on the surface like in this case.


Open Lines

During Open Lines, Debbie in Tennessee shared a unique, and somewhat perplexing, experience she had during a hospital stay for chest pain. Debbie said she was nervous about her scheduled cardiac stress test and was given a sleeping pill to help her rest during the night. At 11:30 PM a tall man with sparkling eyes, curly hair and a gentle personality visited her room, she recalled. According to Debbie, the man said he would be with her the next morning when she was on the treadmill. She remembered the man effortlessly picking her up after the test and placing her back on the gurney. Debbie said she was told by the tech in the room that doctors never attend to patients during the test, so she tried to find him and express her gratitude for the extra care. To her surprise, no one in the hospital could tell her anything about him.

Don from Austin, Texas, reported on some high strangeness that occurred on a recent road trip in which he got to see crop circles. On the way back Don said he had the windows of his car partially down and it was just starting to rain when he noticed a light in between two highway street lamps. It was "lightning bright" and appeared about the size of a baseball in the sky, Don recounted, noting how the illuminated object also had electrical arcs coming off of it. Mike in California told George about a possible sasquatch encounter he had while mining in Alaska. According to Mike, he and his partner found a strange human-like footprint with skewed toes and also noticed a nearby cave with a very strong odor. Mike said his back was to the cave when his friend saw something frightening poke its head out of the top of the cave.

News segment guests: Dr. John Gray / "Dr. Sky" (Steve Kates)


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