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John B. Wells hosted an evening of Open Lines. Phil of Revelation News Radio talked about being a first responder during the 9-11 tragedy and his thoughts about what really happened on that fateful day. "I think there were elements of the intelligence community involved, the banking community, to pull us into a war and a series of wars that led to the downfall of our nation," he said. According to Phil, Americans have been suffering because the country turned away from God and its founding values. Things can turn around if the nation experiences a mass repentance, he suggested, adding that individuals should find their own God, worship, pray and ask for forgiveness. Phil also encouraged listeners to stop buying into the left-right political paradigm.

Emma in Carson City, Nevada, phoned in to tell John about the time the Mississippi River flowed backwards. Emma said the unusual event occurred in 1918 and was caused by a large earthquake that also formed Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. A caller from Lima, Ohio, argued about the unfairness of individuals being held responsible for their actions while institutions are allowed, in many instances, to skate free of their own liabilities. He cited the near impossibility of getting a student loan discharged, even in situations where the borrower cannot find work, versus corporations like failed solar company Solyndra, which filed for bankruptcy and wrote off their half billion dollar government loan. Carolyn in Pahrump, Nevada, talked about how she remains devastated from seeing the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center on television and wanted to know if there is any hope to get over it. John encouraged Carolyn by telling her to put her faith in God because "Father is watching."

Previously scheduled guest, author and researcher Dr. John Coleman, will be rescheduled at another time for his discussion on The Committee of 300, an all powerful group that has been at war with the American people for over 50 years.

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This 1928 Rolls Royce Phantom 1 was featured in the film "The Great Gatsby," starring Robert Redford in 1974. It was purchased by one of John B.'s friends and carried the happy confederates to dinner tonight. The location is not to be disclosed, of course!

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