News Issues, Chemtrails & More

News Issues, Chemtrails & More


HostJohn B. Wells

GuestsOpen Lines, Sophia Stewart

John B. Wells shared news issues of the day and hosted a night of Open Lines, with a listener focus on chemtrails. John in Wilmington, North Carolina, reported on heavy chemtrail activity in his area. "We seem to be getting hammered... all day, every day and it's been going on for months," he said, lamenting how the famous North Carolina blue sky has turned into a baby blue/milky white color. John also pondered the possible composition of these airborne trails. John B. interjected with his own story of witnessing chemtrail activity over Pasadena, California, and finding "white goo" on his windshield that was difficult to clean.

Lynn described seeing chemtrail patterns in the skies above Orange County, California, and suggested the aerial phenomenon was somehow connected to the unusual heat wave that hit her region as well as the massive flooding in Colorado. The chemtrail conversation continued with Barry in South Carolina, who recalled watching "a stream of chemicals or some kind of fluid" coming out of the back of a plane he saw flying overhead. The stream was coming from the back of the plane, not out of the engines, he remembered. Barry said he observed a strange film on his home's decking afterward and would be collecting samples for testing.

Scott told John B. about chemtrail spraying his family has witnessed over the Missouri Ozarks for the past two years. According to Scott, whenever heavy chemtrail patterns appear in the sky it rains within 36 hours. He said the town in this area, Warrensburg, has experienced greater weather extremes than any other U.S. city. A caller named Wendy shared an account of another kind of unusual aerial activity in her region. Apparently, flocks of geese numbering in the thousands have begun flying south already. Wendy wondered if the birds knew something that we should also know. Wendy also recounted the time she heard the barking sounds of her deceased dog.

Mother of The Matrix?

In the first hour, author Sophia Stewart contended that her epic story, The Third Eye, was plagiarized to create two of Hollywood's biggest franchises, The Matrix and The Terminator. Stewart said she wrote her manuscript while she was studying film at University of Southern California. The Terminator is a prequel to The Matrix, she explained, noting that Sarah Conner (The Terminator) is actually Neo's (The Matrix) mother. Steward outlined the spiritual underpinnings of her work, pointing out that Sarah gives birth to John Conner, who shares the same initials as Jesus Christ, and Neo is an anagram for the One. She talked about how her story includes ideas seen in remote viewing visions, including digital downloading, bar codes, computerized warfare and body scanners. She also announced her plans for a Matrix 4 movie and attraction.



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