Strange Beings/ Dyatlov Pass Mystery

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Brad Steiger, Donnie Eichar

In the first half, author and paranormal investigator, Brad Steiger, discussed his latest explorations of the unexplained, including phantoms, and aliens, as well as physical energies activated by the psyche, and visitations from other dimensional beings. He presented the hypothesis that what people call an angel, alien, demon, or spirit guide may be the product of a single multi-dimensional intelligence that assumes whatever physical form based on what may be acceptable to the percipient. In his latest book (co-written with Sherry Steiger), he simply refers to this being as "the Other." Steiger revealed that he'd had his own encounters with mysterious beings, including a kind of spirit guide he channeled information from for his book, Revelation: The Divine Fire.

He spoke about new memes of sinister creatures that seem to be on the increase, such as Shadow People, the Black-Eyed Children, and 'Slender Man.' Archetypes of monsters keep shifting and perpetuating throughout time, going all the way back to the cave paintings, he commented. One interesting entity encounter he detailed was that of Z. Peterson (see drawings below) who via mental contact, seemed to be pulled into an alternate reality where he met with a benevolent Reptilian/aquatic being.


In the latter half, author and film director, Donnie Eichar, shared his research into the Dyatlov Pass Incident, a confounding and eerie mystery that happened to a group of Russian hikers who disappeared 50 years ago in the Ural Mountains. In January 1959, a team set off to try and find the hikers whom no one had heard from for two weeks. At their campsite, it was discovered that their tent was cut from the inside and the hikers' belongings were left undisturbed. Nine dead bodies, with violent injuries such as a fractured skull, and missing tongue, were found nearly a mile away. The hikers seemed to have fled the tent in the freezing winter temperatures insufficiently clothed, most of them without their shoes, but there were no animal tracks or bites at the site, he recounted.

Eichar, who traveled to Russia to study the incident, conduct interviews, and retrace the hikers' journey, noted that many locals seemed to believe that the Soviet government may have had something to do with the hikers' fate-- that they had perhaps seen something of a military nature that the government didn't want them to see. However, the lead Soviet investigator, Lev Ivanov, who studied the case for months, declared that it was "an unknown compelling force," as his final conclusion. Eichar didn't want to disclose the exact conclusion he features in his book. He did suggest that what happened to the hikers could only be understood with the modern science of today, and that he consulted extensively with NOAA scientists regarding an explanation involving weather.

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