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Uri Geller's Secret Life

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Joining George Knapp for the entire 4-hour show, Uri Geller, one of the world's most celebrated and investigated paranormalists, discussed how his proven powers led him to be given a succession of highly classified espionage roles, known only at the highest levels of the intelligence community. As early as five years old, he discovered he had the ability to bend spoons in his hand, and could perform telekinetic tricks like moving the clock ahead at school to get out early. Geller, an Israeli, said he first met a Mossad agent around the age of 12, and demonstrated his ESP and mind reading techniques, and began doing work for them, eventually going on to meet such people as Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir.

In the early 1970s, the esteemed parapsychological researcher, medical inventor and author, Dr. Andrija Puharich conducted tests and experiments on Geller, who had been performing at nightclubs in Tel Aviv. Under hypnosis, Geller revealed information about extraterrestrial sources in nature, and there were strange, unexplained metallic-sounding voices on Puharich's tape recording of the session. Around this time, Geller also came to the Stanford Research Institute for secret CIA testing of his skills. As described in this film excerpt, scientists said that Geller was able to telepathically detect objects, change the weight of a piece of metal, and accurately sketch drawings that were hidden from his view.

On one of his missions, Geller said he had a secret meeting with Ambassador Max Kampelman, and was tasked with telepathically bombarding the mind of a Russian negotiator in Geneva so that he would sign a nuclear arms reduction treaty. Geller also conducted two experiments on the air-- one involved fixing broken watches and time pieces, and afterward, a number of people emailed in to say that their old time pieces were suddenly working again. In his second experiment, he made a drawing, and sent out a mental image of it to listeners, inviting them to recreate it. People may email George Knapp a photo of their drawing, which will be compared to Geller's, and the results will be announced next Sunday.

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