Dream Symbolism & Analysis

Dream Symbolism & Analysis


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJ.M. DeBord, Robert Zubrin

Reddit.com's dream expert J.M. DeBord discussed the fundamentals of dreams, and dream analysis including how to use your dreams to benefit your life. He cited examples of how people use dreams to solve problems and get valuable information about various challenges. "Dreams are sort of like the holodeck on Star Trek where characters go to test themselves, to answer questions, to work through personal issues. Your dreams provide the same sort of simulations-- they present to you scenarios, and allow you to react to those scenarios," he commented, adding that your reactions can tell you a lot about how you might respond to a similar situation in your waking life.

Dreams can be empowering and life-changing, and can connect you to your own source of inner wisdom. Everything you see in your dream is a kind of symbolism that relates to something in your waking life (typically something that has happened recently), though it may be exaggerated or blown up in order to make a point, he continued. DeBord shared his "1-2-3" approach to dream work-- "remember, interpret, and live your dream." He offered tips for remembering your dreams such as setting an alarm to wake up during the REM cycle, and noted that people are often the best judge of their dream's meaning, after they unlock their associations with the symbols.

The idea of 'living your dream' has to do with making your dreams an active part of your daily life. "You look at what your dreams tell you and you apply it," such as in resolving a conflict, he explained, adding that dreams typically present a question or problem along with a coded resolution or answer. DeBord also touched on nightmares (the subconscious is trying to send a message that hasn't been understood in regular dreams), and shared dreams (a kind of mutual dream between two people). He offered interpretations for callers' dreams, and highlighted some of the intriguing accounts posted on Reddit Dreams.

Mars & Space Update

First hour guest, aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin reported on India sending an orbiter to Mars, as well other space stories in the news like the announcement that there are likely billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy alone. "If you do the calculations and work it out-- if you consider all the galaxies that we know about, this shows there's probably a trillion planets in the universe for every person that's on Earth today," he marveled. Regarding India's recent orbiter launch, he noted that the human exploration and settlement of Mars is the great adventure of this century, and all nations that can, should participate.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Robert Zimmerman



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On November 5th, 2013 India successfully launched its Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM). The craft will remain in Earth orbit until the end of the month, before heading off to the Red Planet. One of the instruments aboard the small probe is a methane detector, which could add data to the debate on whether or not previously detected methane is a sign of life there. For a look at the difficulty involved in Mars missions, see this article from New Scientist.

Pictured: The PSLV-C25 launch vehicle, carrying the Mars Orbiter probe as its payload, lifts off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on November 5, 2013. Click on image to enlarge.

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