Robert Zubrin

Robert Zubrin


Robert Zubrin holds Master degrees in Aeronautics and Astronautics and a doctorate in Nuclear Engineering. He is the inventor of several unique concepts for space propulsion and exploration. He has authored over 100 published technical and non-technical papers in the field, as well as written several books. As an engineer at Lockheed-Martin, he co-developed the "Mars Direct" plan for affordable manned Mars Missions. Robert is now president of his own space R&D Company called Pioneer Astronautics. Most recently, he founded the Mars Society; an international organization dedicated to furthering the exploration and settlement of Mars by both public and private means. Prior to his work in astronautics, Dr. Zubrin was employed in areas of thermonuclear fusion research, nuclear engineering, radiation protection, and as a high school science teacher.



Past Shows:

  • Mars Colonization / Narcissists & Sociopaths

    Robert Zubrin of the Mars Society discussed the new world that could be created on Mars with human settlement. Followed by psychotherapist Ross Rosenberg on narcissists and sociopaths.More »
  • Nuclear Power / Changing Your Life

    Author Robert Zubrin argued for increased use of nuclear power and the building of more plants. Followed by coach and speaker Ken D. Foster on how you can make positive changes in your life.More »
  • Space Exploration / Clairvoyance & Mediumship

    Mars Society founder Robert Zubrin discussed recent developments in Space X and Mars exploration, and the private sector's role. Followed by psychic medium Ericka Boussarhane on communicating with loved ones from the Other Side.More »
  • Technologies on the Edge

    Journalist Jenny Kleeman explored innovations that are changing what it means to be human, including artificial wombs, lab-produced meat, automated death machines, and sex robots. First-hour guest Robert Zubrin shared updates on Mars.More »
  • Space & Moon Discoveries / Haunted Winery

    Robert Zubrin of the Mars Society shared updates on the Moon and space exploration news. Followed by Cheryll Jones with her interview of Jesse Leimkuehler about the haunted Belvoir Winery.More »
  • Future of Space Exploration/ Animal Communications

    Robert Zubrin spoke about the future of space travel. Lori Spagna talked about her self-transformation and the secret powers of animals.More »
  • Lyme Disease Revelations / The New Space Race

    Kris Newby revealed sinister origins of Lyme disease. Followed by Robert Zubrinon entrepreneurial space efforts.More »
  • Spaceflight Revolution / Elongated Skull Reconstructions

    Robert Zubrin discussed the spaceflight revolution, and Mars. Marcia K. Moore talked about her reconstructions of elongated skulls (Related Images).More »
  • Mars / Life of Philip K. Dick

    Robert Zubrin discussed the latest news about Mars. Tessa B. Dick spoke about the life and work of her late husband, science fiction author Philip K. Dick.More »
  • The New Space Race/ Ghost Theories

    Robert Zubrin reported on breakthroughs in the new entrepreneurial space race. Followed by Brandon Massullo with theories about ghosts and hauntings.More »
  • Mars & Space/ Lucid Dreaming

    Robert Zubrin, discussed Mars and space exploration. Followed by Clare R. Johnson on lucid dreaming and nightmares.More »
  • Space Exploration/ Hypnotherapy & Spirit Guides

    Robert Zubrin discussed new developments in space and interstellar communication. Followed by James Schwartz on working with hypnosis and spirit guides.More »
  • Exploring Mars/ Ancient Wisdom

    Robert Zubrin talked about efforts to explore and colonize Mars. Followed by HeatherAsh Amara on ancient Toltec teachings.More »
  • Tarot & Predictions / Mars & Space

    In the first half, intuitive Jeanne Mayell, one of New England’s most gifted tarot readers, and a psychotherapist who has practiced in the Boston area for 25 years, discussed the science behind intuition and psychic phenomena, the power of the Tarot, and on ongoing project using...More »
  • Dream Symbolism & Analysis's dream expert J.M. DeBord discussed the fundamentals of dreams, and dream analysis including how to use your dreams to benefit your life. He cited examples of how people use dreams to solve problems and get valuable information about various challenges. First...More »
  • Technology Frontiers & Animal Communication

    Prof. Rosalyn Berne discussed the frontiers in various sciences such as synthetic biology, and nanotechnology, as well as her first hand experiences with animal communication. First hour guest, aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin reacted to the lack of methane findings on...More »
  • Stargazing & Edgar Cayce

    In the middle two hours, astronomy writer and lecturer James Mullaney discussed the metaphysical aspects of stargazing, discoveries in the universe, and the work of the "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce. He studied thousands of Cayce's readings, with a particular emphasis on what...More »
  • 'Near Life Experiences'

    Known as The Voice of Uncommon Sense, producer John St. Augustine discussed the amazing coincidences and synchronicities that have happened in his career and life including two NDEs, and the spiritual events which paved the way for his life-saving kidney donation to his...More »
  • Mars Curiosity Rover Mission

    C2C Science Advisor and head of the Enterprise Mission, Richard C. Hoagland, discussed the successful landing of NASA's Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars. Over the course of the program, he was joined by plasma physicist Dr. John Brandenburg, aerospace engineer Dr. Robert...More »
  • Antihumanism Movement / The Afterlife

    In the first half, innovator in the fields of aerospace and energy, Robert Zubrin, discussed the history of the antihumanism movement. He traced the movement to Thomas Malthus' ideas about population in the 18th century, to Paul Ehrlich's dire warnings about population growth in...More »
  • Psychedelic Research

    Dr. James Fadiman, who's been involved with psychedelic research since the 1960's, joined Ian Punnett to discuss the newest research into the psychotherapeutic value of visionary drug use for increased personal awareness, spiritual epiphanies, and a host of serious medical...More »
  • Space, Mars, & Energy

    Author and aerospace engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin spoke about the importance of space exploration, and colonizing Mars, as well as alternative energy solutions for the United States. First hour guest, attorney Galen Cook discussed news in the D.B. Cooper mystery, and how the...More »
  • Space News

    In the first half, space historian Robert Zimmerman discussed NASA, space technology, and climate research, as well as planets and asteroids. While the US government's manned space program seems stalled at this point, commercial development is picking up some of the slack, he...More »
  • Space Roundtable

    In a 4-hour special, Buzz Aldrin, Richard C. Hoagland, Howard Bloom, and Robert Zubrin discussed the future of the space program, and how branching out to space is more important now than ever. "A nation that looks up, goes up; a nation that looks down goes down. A nation...More »
  • Mysterious Aerial Lights

    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a Bentwaters security guard's testimony about strange lights, and animal mutilations associated with orange spheres in Wales. In the first hour, founder of the Mars Society, Robert Zubrin, talked about the increasing...More »
  • Martian Glyphs, Space Travel, & Energy

    During the first half of the program, founding investigator of The Cydonia Institute, George Haas, and geoscientist Bill Saunders discussed their analysis of geoglyphic formations on Mars and how they have correlations to the cultures of Meso-America. In the latter half of...More »
  • In the Numbers

    Numerologist Glynis McCants was featured in the second half of the show. In the first hour, various speakers commemorated the passing of author & astronomer Tom Van Flandern. Hoagland was joined by author Robert Zubrin in the second hour to comment on the announcement that...More »
  • Colonizing Mars & Alternative Fuels

    Dr. Robert Zubrin discussed the nuts and bolts of colonizing Mars, as well as his plan for energy independence. In his new book How to Live on Mars, Zubrin writes from the irreverent point of view of a Mars settler in the early 22nd century who "achieved interplanetary renown...More »
  • Time Travel & Parallel Universes

    Expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed visiting parallel universes, teleportation, and time travel.More »
  • Flex Fuel Mandate

    Appearing during the middle two hours,aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin shared his strategy for reducing dependence on foreign oil. If the oil cartels' profits continue at the current rate, they will eventually be worth more than the entire Fortune 500, and have increased power...More »
  • Secret Door VI

    After a first hour of Open Lines, six surprise guests joined us in separate segments for our latest edition of Behind the Secret Door. Numerologist Glynis McCants kicked things off with a look at the rest of 2008. Regarding the election, McCain is a 2 'lifepath' and is in a...More »
  • Energy Independence

    Aerospace engineer Robert Zubrin, the author of Energy Victory, presented his strategy to cut our dependence on foreign oil.He argued for a mandate to produce cars that run on flex fuel (accepting a mix of gasoline and alcohol fuels such as methanol or ethanol).More »
  • Hauntings, Shadow People & Dreams

    Paranormal investigator and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed her work with ghosts, demonic hauntings, and Shadow People, and also highlighted her dreaming research.More »
  • Flex Fuel & Space Missions

    President of Pioneer Astronautics, Robert Zubrin spoke about his plan to achieve American energy independence by mandating that all new cars be "Flex Fuel" compliant by 2009.More »
  • Mars & Space Exploration

    President of The Mars Society, Robert Zubrin, joined Richard Hoagland in a discussion about the new Space Initiative. Specifically, the two were critical of plans to cut funding to the Hubble Space Telescope, which Zubrin called "one of the greatest scientific instruments," of...More »
  • Solomon Island Giants

    Author Steve Quayle related information about giants and UFO bases, both of which he said are currently present on or off the Solomon Islands in the Pacific. One group of these giants, which are reported to be 10-12 ft. tall, are similar to Sasquatch and have a detectable odor...More »
  • Colonizing Mars

    Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin, the winner of the Robert A Heinlein Award for "a lifetime achievement in promoting the goal of a free space-faring civilization," was Barbara's guest on Sunday night. He discussed The Mars Society's goals of sending manned missions to...More »

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