Rock Star Murders / Clash at JFK Rally

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Rock Star Murders / Clash at JFK Rally

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In the first half of the program, John B. Wells was joined by author Alex Constantine, detailed his research into the potential assassinations of subversive rock stars. Constantine cited a government intelligence memorandum which advised agents on a variety of methods to disrupt the lives of popular musicians. This document, revealed in 1976, suggested tactics such as destroying marriages, planting disparaging newspaper articles, and fostering rivalries amongst competing artists. "Every one of these guys talked about revolution," Constantine observed about the counterculture musicians of the 1960's, "and the people at the top don't want to hear this." He contended that this message of revolt was so disturbing to the 'powers that be' that they decided to eliminate popular artists who expressed it.

Amongst the artists that he suspected were assassinated at the behest of the government were popular musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Mama Cass. Regarding the death of Hendrix, Constantine explained that, despite newspaper reports which blamed a heroin overdose, physicians who treated him reported red wine gushed out of his lungs and that he actually died from drowning. According to Constantine, Marley was "definitely killed by the CIA" via a surreptitious injection of cancer-causing compounds and Cass was felled by the government because of her "encyclopedic knowledge of the Nixon administration." Ultimately, Constantine surmised that the agenda behind this spate of secret assassinations was to "kill off the political musicians and replace them with, basically, disco."


In the latter half, activist and filmmaker, Alex Jones, discussed the conflict which erupted between police and protesters following the JFK memorial event in Dallas, Texas. He recalled how, last year, the mayor of Dallas declared that the city would not "allow conspiracy theorists to soil" the 50th anniversary ceremony. In response, the activist group Coalition on Political Assassinations took the city to court over these First Amendment restrictions. The judge ruling over the case declared that the city could restrict protests during the Dealey Plaza ceremony, but "as soon as its over" other citizens would be allowed to enter the area to express their perspective.

On the day of the event, Jones said, he and his fellow activists marched toward the ceremony but stopped at the barricade and peacefully waited for it to conclude. Approximately 45 minutes later, the protesters were allowed to enter Dealey Plaza, which was now virtually empty of spectators. Upon entering the location, the group was confronted by sheriff's deputies who questioned why they were there. This led to "a phalanx of more than 50 federalized sheriff's deputies" swarming the protestors and pushing them out of the area. Jones described the tactics of these deputies as extremely violent and chillingly indiscriminant as "men, women, and children" were targeted. When the protestors grew outraged at this treatment and appeared to be ready to fight back, Jones said, federal agents watching from a nearby building told the deputies to stop their assault.


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