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The Gifted Generation

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Near Death Experience researcher for over 30 years, PMH Atwater, discussed her latest book, Children of the 5th World, which details an emerging generation of young people who possess amazing attributes and abilities. She recalled how her interest in the subject began after seeing a number of children who displayed "the typical physiological and psychological aftereffects" of a near-death experiencer, despite never having had an NDE. "What I truly believe is happening is evolution in our time," she marveled, "it's enough to take your breath away." To that end, Atwater mused that the unique characteristics of this gifted generation have left their elders puzzled at how to understand them.

Among the attributes that Atwater ascribed to this group of young people were unusually high intelligence along with interest in creativity and spirituality as well as remarkable intuitiveness, psychic ability, and memory of past lives. She stressed that these characteristics appear at birth, rather than developing in puberty or later in life, and appear to be part of a global phenomenon. As this generation gets older, she surmised, they will be seen as greater threats to the proverbial 'powers that be' throughout the world because they eschew traditional models of government, banking, and business. "They're really not trying to take over the establishment," she observed, "they're growing up without one."

One aspect of this generation that Atwater found surprising was the "constant repeat of thirds" in statistical studies. For example, she noted that about 1/3 of the children register as having genius IQs, 1/3 of autistic children are female, and 1/3 of dyslexic kids are male. She connected this recurring trend to the 'Rule of Thirds' and "nature's preference for harmony, balance, and beauty." As such, she theorized that this emerging generation is a product of some kind of natural cycle rather that via a supernatural influence, since there appears to be a "universal order" at work. Additionally, she speculated that such gifted generations have left their mark on human history in the past and pointed to the Renaissance as a possible product of this cyclical evolution.

Disclosure Update:

In the first hour, UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett reacted to the Congressional hearing on finding life in space. He explained that the hearing focused on the search for "very basic life out there," rather than intelligent extraterrestrials and claimed that "it is as far as they can go under the truth embargo" surrounding the UFO reality. That said, he suggested that the hearing may serve as a "preemptive inoculation" for the public, since his group intends to heavily pressure Congress to hold hearings on UFOs in 2014. According to Bassett, the plan for the new year is to send DVD copies of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to every member of Congress and then induce public pressure, via social media, on politicians to examine the evidence.

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