PMH Atwater

PMH Atwater


PMH Atwater had a handwriting analysis in the mid-sixties that led to a complete career and lifestyle change. She was redirected into public service and innovative project development and analysis. Paralleling this change she began intensive research into paranormal and altered states of consciousness. With a professional background in hypnotic past-life regressions, sensitivity work, de-haunting houses, and mediumship, she came to specialize in aura massage, astrology, numerology, dream and symbol interpretation, rune casting, divinatory and earth energy sensing.

1977 set the stage for severe health traumas resulting in death and the near-death phenomenon. The following year, in an effort to understand what had happened to her and was still happening, she began to seek out and interview other near-death survivors. She has served two terms on the Board of the International Association for Near-Death Studies.



Past Shows:

  • Solar Activity & Gravity / NDE Research

    Engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell discussed gravity, and solar activity and how it affects civilizations. Followed by near-death experience researcher PMH Atwater on her findings and observations.More »
  • Alternative Health / The Effect of NDEs in Children

    Pharmacist Ben Fuchs shared alternative health concepts. Followed by PMH Atwater on her study of NDEs in children.More »
  • Prophecy & War/ NDE Revelations

    Craig Winn shared biblical prophecies and geopolitical analysis. Followed by PMH Atwater on her NDE research and revelations.More »
  • Bushman's Area 51 Secrets / NDE Research

    In the first half, scientist, filmmaker, and spiritual explorer David Sereda spoke about his friendship with the late Lockheed engineer Boyd Bushman, who made controversial claims about aliens and UFOs at Area 51 before his death. In the latter half, near-death experience...More »
  • The Gifted Generation

    Near Death Experience researcher for over 30 years, PMH Atwater, discussed her latest book, Children of the 5th World, which details an emerging generation of young people who possess amazing attributes and abilities. In the first hour, UFO disclosure activist Stephen...More »
  • NDE Research

    In the first half, George Noory spoke with Near Death Experience researcher P.M.H. Atwater. Live Open Lines followed in the third hour. The final hour featured a replay of some 'Creeped Out' calls from 1/22/10.More »
  • Near Death Experiencers

    Near-Death Experience researcher for over 30 years, P.M.H. Atwater shared her explanation for NDEs, and discussed case studies and personal experiences.More »
  • P. M. H. Atwater

    P. M. H. Atwater knows what it's like to die. And the experience so changed her life that she has devoted years to researching the phenomenon of the Near-Death Experience. From her own encounter with life-after-death and from interviews with hundreds of others, she presents her...More »

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