John Burroughs Case, NSA Leaks, & Sea Star Die-offs

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John Burroughs Case, NSA Leaks, & Sea Star Die-offs

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In a two-part segment, Earthfiles investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed Bentwaters USAF Sergeant John Burroughs' denial of permanent disability from the VA because his 1979-83 medical records are "classified" for reasons unknown. She also talked about Snowden's leaks about NSA spying and the connection to Canada's intelligence agency, as well as a devastating die-off of the sea star population.

Retired 53-year-old USAF Tech Sergeant John Burroughs is recovering from recent open heart surgery in Arizona. Some medical experts think a section of Burroughs' mitral valve may have been damaged by anomalous radiation that he was exposed to in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Bentwaters in 1980 during his possible encounter with a black, glassy-surfaced triangular craft. Burroughs told Linda about his sending letters to the Chairmen of the House and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs asking for help for himself and any other American veteran, who has been denied military medical records, and his attorney Pat Frascogna noted that even Senator John McCain was running into resistance in trying to get access to the records. "There is perhaps a fear that those medical records...might allow somebody to crack the door open to get in to find out either that there has been a presence from elsewhere that has been interacting with us, or some sort of exotic weapons technology," Frascogna conjectured. Further info in Earthfiles reports, Part 1, Part 2.

One of the latest leaks from whistleblower Edward Snowden is that the NSA has been working closely with the Canadian intelligence agency known as Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) to the point that the NSA has asked the Canadian agency to use Canada's more innocent face in world affairs to create covert spying posts for them, Linda detailed. She interviewed Canadian security and intelligence expert at the University of Ottawa, Prof. Wesley Wark, who joins the opinion of tech giants such as Google and Microsoft to say that the Digital Era is giving intelligence agencies an unprecedented behind-the-scenes dominance in world affairs that must be reined in if democracies are to survive. More here.

In her last report, Linda investigated the mass deaths of sea stars (popularly known as star fish), with 11 different species of the creatures affected from California to Alaska, as well as parts of the East Coast, both in the wild, and at aquariums on the West Coast. She spoke with underwater photographer Neil McDaniel who described his shock when he dove down northeast of Vancouver and saw with his own eyes more than half of the thousands of once-beautiful sea stars "melting away," their legs falling off and body disintegrating. She also interviewed Prof. Ian Hewson who expressed surprise at the high mortality rate at aquariums, and said it could be caused by something in the water, either chemical, or combined chemical and biological, such as a virus or micro-organism. Further details.

Meningitis Vaccine Concerns

First hour guest, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny expressed concern over an unapproved meningitis vaccine called Bexsero being used on the Princeton campus after an outbreak. Even though the Novartis vaccine was denied approval in the UK, France, and Spain, the pharmaceutical company appears to be using the meningitis outbreak at Princeton as an opportunity to test out their new product on up to 5,000 students, she lamented. More from Dr. Tenpenny on this topic here.

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Linda Moulton Howe shares two images to accompany her 12/19/13 presentation. On top a healthy, vibrant morning sun sea star. Below, a dead morning sun star among tens of thousands found dead in October 2013, from a wasting disease that "melted" the sea stars in Howe Sound, Indian Arm, Defence Island, other regions near Vancouver, B.C., Canada and Puget Sound north of Seattle.The die-off extends south to Santa Cruz, California, and north up to parts of the Alaska coast. A similar melting syndrome is also killing sea stars on the East Coast from New Jersey to Rhode Island and Maine.

Image (click to enlarge) courtesy Jonathan Martin.

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