Psychic Intuition/ Open Lines

Psychic Intuition/ Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Nancy du Tertre

In the first half, George Noory welcomed 'the skeptical psychic,' Nancy Du Tertre, for a discussion on intuition and her work as a psychic detective, spiritual medium, and medical intuitive. She explained that her seemingly contradictory moniker stems from her penchant for disbelieving as well as testing her own premonitions. "While I'm pushing the envelope of my own belief system, I'm always testing it," she stressed. Du Tertre observed that intuition could be ultimately an area where common ground can be found between skeptics and paranormal 'believers,' since, she said, it is a real sense which is derived from perception although it can seem supernatural. According to Du Tertre, scientists have already shown that humans have around 40 senses and she theorized that number could actually reach into the hundreds by the end of the decade.

Regarding psychics working with law enforcement, Du Tertre revealed that many police departments use psychics for insight on particular cases but are extremely reticent to admit it. Therefore, she argued that it would be much more beneficial for the police to move beyond the stigma of working with psychics so that they can better use the information that they provide. Additionally, she suggested that law enforcement would "probably have better odds of getting really fresh evidence and fresh leads" if they turned to psychics earlier in investigations rather than waiting for the case to grow 'cold.' Over the course of her appearance, Du Tertre also discussed her chilling research into demons as well as her remarkable UFO sighting.


During Open Lines, Greg in Jacksonville, Florida reported that friends of his in the Virginia area have been seeing military flatbed trucks loaded with ammunition and MREs as well as black hawk helicopters flying in the sky. "I'm talking entire squadrons of troops on the ground," he declared. Greg wondered if this was some kind of training exercise in advance of a military engagement, since a similar situation occurred in the area prior to the US intervention in Kosovo. Similarly, Casey in Wisconsin shared his feeling that the territorial dispute between China and Japan could somehow cause American ships in the area to get fired upon. "My gut feeling is that something might happen on the 24th," he warned.

Later in the evening, Jeremy in Salt Lake City told the story of his wife's encounter with a possessed woman. He detailed how she was doing missionary work for the Mormon church and visited a prospective member's house. During the visit, Jeremy's wife felt the room grow incredibly hot and then cold. While this happened, the homeowner's face "went dark," her eyes rolled up inside her head, and she convulsed. After this episode, the woman ordered them to leave the house. Jeremy's wife reported the incident to their mission president, who then visited the home to perform an exorcism on the troubled woman. While the church elders were reticent to tell Jeremy's wife what happened during the exorcism, one did concede that "we were there for most of the day, fighting something."

News segment guests: Charles R. Smith & Peter Davenport



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