Children's Past Lives

Children's Past Lives


GuestsDr. Jim Tucker, Oscar Miro-Quesada

Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by reincarnation and past life expert, Dr. Jim Tucker, who discussed a number of extraordinary children who have memories of past lives, and the persuasive evidence in these cases. His study has included over 2,000 reports from all over the world that have been entered into a database, and evaluated. One of the mostly highly rated cases involved a boy named Ryan from Oklahoma, who at the age of 4, started talking about his former life in Hollywood. The mother showed him books about old Hollywood, and he found a picture of an extra next to the actor George Raft, and said that had been him.

The boy talked about acting on Broadway, and working for an agency "where people change their names," and meeting a "Senator Five" in New York. Eventually, Tucker was able to identify the "extra" as Marty Martin, an actor who became a talent agent in the 1930s. Martin had been in contact with a New York Senator named Irving Ives, and many of the other details that Ryan provided matched Martin's life. Eventually, young Ryan was brought to meet the daughter of Marty Martin, and was able to validate many of his past life memories, and this also helped him to move on with his own life, Tucker recounted.

Other intriguing cases he detailed included that of a boy named Patrick who was born with birthmarks in the same exact spots where his brother (who had died 12 years before he was born) had lesions, and Hunter, a golf prodigy who believed he was the reincarnation of a golfing champion from the 1930s named Bobby Jones. The memories are not passed down through genes, Tucker surmised, as the reincarnations are typically not relatives. He views the phenomena as being related to consciousness, and noted that past life recall is more common when the previous life ended traumatically, such as through murder, suicide, or accident. For more, including photos, check out this article from Mail Online.

Winter Solstice & Shamanism

First hour guest, founder of the Heart of the Healer Alliance, Oscar Miro-Quesada, talked about shamanic wisdom, and the meaning of the winter solstice. Marking the shortest day of the year (it fell on December 21st this year), the solstice "has played a significant role in organizing our small scale tribal societies since time immemorial. Beyond that, it's also been a pivotal moment observed by even more advanced intelligences," he commented. During a near-death experience, he said he encountered 7 ft. tall luminous beings who telepathically showed him important events in his future.



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