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Spirit Communication/ Angelic Encounters

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Date Host Dave Schrader
Guests Kim Russo, John Tenney

Filling in for John B. Wells, guest host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed psychic medium Kim Russo, for a discussion on communicating with the spirit world as well as celebrity hauntings. Having experienced encounters with spirits since childhood, she provided insights into how the communication process works. Russo observed that, since spirits often have difficulty communicating their messages, they will turn to her spirit guide to help facilitate the process. Additionally, she noted that the recently deceased can sometimes struggle with feelings that they are not deserving of the love and light of the afterlife. On why readings are sometimes unclear, Russo attributed this to the newly departed person still learning how to communicate with mediums and having to muster the energy to make the process work.

Russo also discussed her television program, The Haunting Of..., which deals with celebrities confronting their ghostly encounters. She explained that each episode begins by having her connect with the subject's departed loved ones and this process helps them to open their minds to the possibility that Russo really has a connection with the other side. "That's how they've gained the strength to walk through the experience once again," she said, "knowing their loved ones are with them." She revealed that her favorite episode of the program featured professional wrestling legend Roddy Piper, since he opened up about the deep pain of his childhood as well as his contemplations of suicide which were thwarted by a visit from the ghost of a friend.


In the latter half, author and lecturer John Tenney talked about angelic encounters and ghostly incidents. "What I've found, over the years of doing research, is that when people have these types of encounters," Tenney noted, "they don't even realize, until afterward, how amazing this little thing that happened to them really was." To that end, he shared the story of a young boy who was building an snow igloo on his lawn and wandered into the street. As his parents watched in horror while a car barreled towards him, their dog dashed into the road ahead of the vehicle and cause it to swerve. After pulling their son from the road and recovering from the ordeal, it dawned on them that the heroic canine was actually their dog that had died the previous winter.

Over the course of the evening, Tenney shared other tales of odd incidents where people were influenced or helped by mysterious and benevolent forces. One such instance was of a struggling actor who was visited by an angelic being that claimed to be an ancient Egyptian and advised him on which roles to choose. "That actor ended up becoming Rudolph Valentino," he said, marveling that the thespian became "the greatest lover that Hollywood has ever known and that's all due to a spirit encounter." Tenney also cited numerous instances where mountain climbers have reported the presence of an ethereal companion to their party that urges them onward or manages to avert certain death at just the right moment. In some cases, he said, this presence becomes so familiar that the explorers will talk to it and even leave a portion of their meal behind as a way of paying tribute to their unseen helping hand.


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