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In this special Secret Door Christmas night edition, each half hour, a different guest shared holiday messages and stories and tried their best to stump George as he attempted to guess their identity. First through the Secret Door was ghostbuster Mary Ann Winkowski who mentioned that ghosts of children typically only show up in homes that have children "because kids like to play with kids whether alive or dead." Next, Captain Kelly Sweeney spoke about maritime issues, and unexplained ghostly sounds he heard coming from the engine room of a ship. It turned out that years earlier, a young engineer had hung himself in the room, he explained.

Author Whitley Streiber, the third guest through the Secret Door, stumped George by using a Texas drawl. He discussed the possibility of time travel, and how if developed it might be used to "colonize the distant past," such as far back as five billion years ago. He also shared a curious 'time slip' experience in which he seemed to find himself briefly in another era, in which a covered wagon rode by. Investigative mythologist William Henry popped in next, previewing his forthcoming book about the Watchers, and "their lost secrets of ascension, resurrection, and perfection." He views the Watchers as advanced or ascended light beings who are able to manifest in human form.

NDE expert and author Dannion Brinkley also used a curious accent, a kind of Jamaica meets South Carolina, to disguise his voice. "Anywhere you send an intention, and you do it constantly, it sets up a place where a certain spirit or dimensional law perceives that," he noted. Last through the Door, was storyteller and writer Lionel Fanthorpe who recounted a tale of the 4th Wise Man or Magi who was named Artaban. The story demonstrated that the most important gifts are respect, love and friendship. At the end of the program, George played a recording of Detroit broadcaster Lee Allan's reading of A Letter from Michael.

NDE Update

Leading expert in the field of near-death experience, Raymond Moody M.D. was featured in the first hour. He announced that 2014 could be the year for a breakthrough in the field of afterlife study. The breakthrough involves a kind of reformatting the mind, allowing it to access a previously unknown power, he explained. Further details will be announced at the Logic of Nonsense Seminar in Florida this January.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Steve Kates 'Dr. Sky'

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Conspiracy Theories / Spirit World & Afterlife
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