Raymond Moody

Raymond Moody


Raymond Moody is the foremost expert on the phenomenon of near-death experience, as well as a compelling lecturer on the subjects of evocation of the deceased, cult activities, out-of-body experiences, the paranormal and the relationship of the paranormal to the performing arts, and the interconnections between humor and health. He has appeared on several national television programs as an expert guest about these subjects. He holds both a PH. D. from the University of Virginia and an M.D. from the Medical College of Georgia.

An award winning author and scholar, Dr. Moody received the World Humanitarian Award in Denmark in 1988, as well as a bronze medal in the Human Relations Category at the New York Film Festival for the movie version of Life after Life. An impassioned researcher, Moody first became interested in the phenomenon of near-death experiences during his medical training. Since that time, he has written seven books about the subject and created the Dr. John Dee Memorial Theater of the Mind, a facility that enables people to experience altered states of consciousness for the purposes of education, entertainment and spiritual advancement.



Past Shows:

  • Evidence for the Afterlife / Terminal Lucidity

    Authors and researchers Paul Perry and Raymond Moody discussed the afterlife and NDEs. Followed by Dr. Alexander Batthyány on the mysterious phenomenon of terminal lucidity.More »
  • Shared Crossings / Biblical Prophecy & Ukraine

    William Peters and Dr. Raymond Moody, shared-death experience experts, discussed shared crossings that transform lives and deaths. Followed by researcher Ali Siadatan on Biblical prophecy vis-a-vis Russia's invasion of Ukraine.More »
  • God & Spirituality / Irish Lore & Legends

    Dr. Raymond Moody explored how his understanding of God has evolved over the years. Followed by author Varla Ventura with stories from Irish lore and legends.More »
  • NDEs & Nonsense Language / Crop Circles & Healing

    Raymond Moody talked about NDEs, and their relation to 'nonsense' language. Followed by Lucy Pringle and the healing aspects of crop circles.More »
  • Shared Death Experience/ Time Loops

    Dr. Raymond Moody spoke on near- and shared death experiences. Eric Wargo discussed the strange phenomenon of "retrocausation."More »
  • Shared Death Experiences/ The Denisovan Legacy

    Raymond Moody and Dr. Sharon Prentice discussed Shared Death Experiences which are similar to NDEs. Andrew Collins detailed the legacy of the Denisovans.More »
  • Christmas Secret Door

    In this special Secret Door Christmas night edition, each half hour, a different guest shared holiday messages and stories and tried their best to stump George as he attempted to guess their identity. Leading expert in the field of near-death experience, Raymond Moody M.D....More »
  • NDEs & the Paranormal

    Widely acknowledged as the world’s leading expert in the field of near-death experience, Raymond Moody M.D. reflected on his life as a researcher bridging the gap between science and the paranormal. "This is the biggest question of existence and the most important, by far," he...More »
  • Shared Death Experiences

    Near-death experience (NDE) expert, Raymond Moody, joined George Knapp to discuss shared death experiences - deathbed moments when entire families see the light, the room changes shape, or everyone is witness to a film-like review of a loved one's life, giving us a new...More »
  • Life-After-Death Experiences

    Dr. Raymond Moody was joined by neurosurgeon John L. Turner for a discussion on life-after-death, near-death, and shared death experiences. First hour guest, Bill Spillane spoke on behalf of the FairTax plan, which eliminates personal and corporate taxes and replaces them...More »
  • The Other Side

    Renowned near-death researcher Dr. Raymond Moody was joined by editor and author Roy Abraham Varghese for a discussion about life-after-death, and what lies on the other side. Moody said he'd recently become more confident about the reality of life-after-death. Last hour...More »
  • Prophecy, 2008 & Beyond

    Prophecy scholar John Hogue discussed what the future has in store, including the economy, elections, climate change and terrorism. We're entering the first half of a 36 year cycle-- a chaotic, revolutionary period, he stated. Right now, we're heading into a recession in some...More »
  • NDEs & Contacting the Dead

    Best-selling author Dr. Raymond Moody returned for a discussion on near-death experience (NDE), and his work contacting departed spirits via a room with a mirror.More »
  • NDEs & the Dying Process

    Best selling author and scholar Dr. Raymond Moody returned to the show to discuss near-death experiences (NDEs) and events associated with dying. One new development in his research seems to counter the theory that NDEs are the result of a dying brain. He said there are...More »

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