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In the first half, alternative media activist Alex Jones discussed such topics as the New World Order (NWO), surveillance, the economy, and how sports and entertainment serve as distractions to the public. "There is a global awakening...but it's like we're wide awake while were being eaten alive. They're still accelerating this global, private, corporate, monopolistic anti-free market, anti-human movement..and that's why it's important for people out there to realize, now more than ever, it's important to be individuals, it's important to support true diversity of ideas, and support the true and independent press," he remarked.

The criminal elements of the NWO may stage a terror attack in America and blame it on Iran to start WWIII, Jones warned. He went on to advocate for a "velvet" revolution-- a revolution of ideas, in which people rediscover libertarianism-- real liberty, with a live and let live philosophy. He also talked about how professional sports have become "gladiatorial diversions," and was critical of the NFL with their billionaire team owners that get tax exemptions, and their stadiums and security paid for by federal and state funds.


In the second half, UK Psychology Professor Ciaran O'Keeffe talked about his many years researching haunting experiences, parapsychology, mediums, telepathy and psychic criminology. One theory is that certain psychic skills such as precognition may have been evolutionarily developed as an early warning system, such as when caveman were faced with ongoing dangers. However in the modern age, with less of such dangers, the ability has been diminished, according to the theory. In laboratory experiments testing "presentiment," O'Keefe reported that people are able to subconsciously sense fear or danger slightly before they're actually presenting with it.

He spoke about what's called the "Blue Sense," a kind of ESP that certain police officers have about danger or criminal activity in specific locations. One of the most impressive paranormal cases he studied was that of the Enfield Poltergeist, from the late 1970s. At the time, it was investigated for a year by the Society for Psychical Research, and yielded a large amount of information with multiple witnesses, photographers, and journalists. Among O'Keefe's personal investigations are a haunted WWII bunker on the Channel Islands, and the SS Great Britain, a spooky 150-year old ship docked in Bristol.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, Mitch Battros, Jodie Parks


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