Ancient Giants in America

Ancient Giants in America


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRichard Dewhurst, Pamala Oslie, Joshua P. Warren

Appearing during the middle two hours of the show, writer and editor for the History Channel and other networks, Richard Dewhurst, discussed his extensive research of articles and photos, first person accounts, and illustrated field reports which suggest that not only was North America once visited by an advanced race of giants, but that the evidence for this has been actively suppressed by organizations such as the Smithsonian. He said he uncovered numerous reports in reputable newspapers of 7 to 12 ft. tall skeletons that were found in North America, and the knowledge of these giants was widespread in the 19th century.

There were finds, such as in the town of Cayuga, Ontario where a cemetery of some 200 giants 7 to 9 ft. tall was uncovered, he cited. Relating the giants to the Mound Builders culture, he shared Native American lore that they drove the giants into caves at Lovelock and burned them. Giant skeletons 6 to 8 ft. in height were found buried under bat guano at that site, which lends some credence to the legends, he noted. Dewhurst has concluded that the giants were a prehistoric sea-faring people, and physically might have been what we would classify as Cro-Magnons. For more, check out related images.

Parallel Universes

First hour guest, author and consultant Pam Oslie talked about the concept of parallel dimensions and how she works with them. "There are an infinite number of you, running around in an infinite number of parallel universes;" we just think there's only one because we've been trained to think that, but we shift in and out of these realities all the time, she explained. Oslie said she's learned how to consciously shift into parallel universes by focusing and visualizing herself in the parallel reality.

Puerto Rico UFO

Live from Puerto Rico, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren joined the show in the last hour to report on a new UFO flap in Puerto Rico. Video footage (still image featured on his website under Breaking News) shot in the Bay of Boqueron shows a craft that has a blimp or cigar-like shape, which was said to suddenly appear in the sky. It has appendages or antenna sticking out of it, and the videographer, Daniel Matos Velez, told Warren that he receives telepathic messages instructing him on when he needs to go photograph the craft.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Steve Kates, Glynis McCants



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In tandem with his 2/3/14 appearance, Richard Dewhurst shares two images. On the left, a 1940 San Antonio Express article on a giant skull found on the beach in Victoria County, Texas. Said at the time to be the largest human skull ever found. On the right, a photo of giant skulls found in Spirit Cave, Nevada.

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