Earthquakes, Sounds & Triangular Crafts, Dolphin Illness, & Climate

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Earthquakes, Sounds & Triangular Crafts, Dolphin Illness, & Climate

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Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, discussed the more than 100 earthquakes in the Oklahoma City area since February 13th; a link between bizarre trumpet and metallic sounds with black aerial triangular craft; an unusually large number of dolphins found stranded and/or dead in the northern Gulf of Mexico; and new research that confirms the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the planet. In addition to the small magnitude quake swarms that continue in Oklahoma, many people reported to authorities loud booms and houses shaking, with one resident saying it "felt like bombs going off." Austin Holland, a seismologist at the Oklahoma Geological Survey, told Linda that the area has the potential to have a large earthquake (1,300 years ago on the Meers fault, a magnitude 7 occurred), but the recent swarm of seismic activity does not necessarily indicate that. More here.

Independent witnesses in California and Idaho reported black triangles hovering close above their respective houses. Trumpet sounds came from the triangle in California in the 1998 incident, and metal scraping was heard in Idaho in 2009. The Idaho witness, a man named Wane, described the craft as "very big, dark, and it was moving slowly in a relatively low elevation making a very odd, loud, outrageously metallic scraping noise." Mark, a remote viewing instructor, spoke of being awakened by the sound of a trumpet, which increased in intensity, as a black craft slowly drifted above his home. More.

In her third report, Linda detailed the unusually large number of bottle nose dolphins found stranded and/or dead or seriously diseased in the northern Gulf of Mexico since the BP oil spill of spring 2010. Eighteen marine scientists joined together to study the stranding of 1,062 dolphins along the Texas/Louisiana border, of which 913 were bottle nose dolphins. In a recent publication of the Environmental Science & Technology journal and in a February 2014 NOAA-hosted press conference, the scientists cited the dire situation of dolphins found in Barataria Bay, Louisiana, and suggested their conditions "could likely be linked with their exposure to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill." Further info.

In February 2014, the U.K. suffered unrelenting hurricane conditions and winter flooding, while in the eastern half of the United States, record-breaking cold, icy rain and snow have overwhelmed local and state government abilities. Simultaneously, the western half of the United States is suffering one of the worst droughts on record, threatening water supplies. All of these weather events are directly linked to the wavy pattern the jet stream has increasingly been taking in recent summers and winters, Linda reported. Atmospheric physicist Jennifer Francis explained that the jet stream now is largely driven by warm Arctic temperatures close to the ground and very cold stratospheric winds high above the Earth reacting to the cold and heat imbalances. Further, the entire Arctic is melting two to three times faster than areas farther south, and the weather extremes we've been experiencing could become the new normal. More.

Lucky People

First hour guest, Internet entrepreneur and author Thor Muller spoke about the alchemy of luck, and how we can bring it into our lives. Lucky people tend to easily shift between two modes-- getting things done (task mode), and thinking more abstractly (creative mode), he said. While some seem to accrue good fortune in a random manner, people can increase their luck by practicing behaviors that enhance creativity and chance opportunities, he added.

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