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In this St. Patrick's Day show, psychic mediums Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lahr discussed communications and interactions with the Nature People, gnomes, leprechauns and other magical entities. The heritage of leprechauns is really from Arabia and North Africa, stemming from the Djinn, von Lahr revealed, adding that the leprechauns that we associate with Ireland are probably between 2,500 and 7,000 years old. Their energy allows them to connect with the astral plane, and they are telepathically sensitive to emotions and feelings, and able to manipulate aspects of nature, he stated.

Leprechauns practice a kind of trickery associated with when we find that objects are temporarily misplaced, explained Valentine. This is an example of their trying to get your attention, and when you ask "who did that?" that is their invitation to become part of your world and bring luck into it, he continued. Elves also practice these kind of techniques, von Lahr added. Everyone has two gnomes associated with them, like guardian spirits, who help with your health, Valentine said. The gnomes are typically around 2ft. in height, have red hats and white beards, and can be observed while in motion, as opposed to angels who appear like statues, Valentine detailed.

The show closed with Christian Wilde singing his version of Danny Boy.

Missing Malaysian Plane

At the start of the first hour, remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames shared a map which he believes shows the location of the missing Malaysian jet. He suggested that the airliner's pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, committed an act of piracy, planning to take the jet to Somalia. He ended up struggling with the co-pilot, and the plane was inadvertently downed after it went through a rapid uncontrolled decompression, said Dames.

Author Whitley Strieber appeared in the first hour, sharing his theory that the missing plane didn't crash into the sea, but landed somewhere, avoiding radar detection. He posited that the goal may be for the plane to be used for a future terrorist attack, possibly loaded with nuclear materials.

Joining the show for a segment in the first hour, and part of the second hour, a pilot for a major airline, 'Charlie' (pseudonym), also offered commentary and theories about the jet. "I think it's on the ground somewhere. It probably landed somewhere first at a predestined location, where they had fuel waiting," he remarked. If the plane crashed, there would be a debris field and a merchant sea locator transmitter sending out a radio frequency signal, and an emergency locator beacon (an underwater signal), he noted.

News segment guests: Cal Orey, Jason Martell-- Related Link (Donation)


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On Thursday, March 13, 2014, Major Ed Dames sent us a graphic of where he believes the missing Malaysian jet is located. The airplane went down within an approximate 20 mile radius of the pinpoint marked on the map [off the coast of Myanmar], he writes.

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