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In the first half, author and Nostradamus scholar, John Hogue, returned to share a prophecy alarm about a possible third World War brewing. The prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger, Edgar Cayce and other great seers possibly describe the current Ukraine crisis, which launches a "second" Cold War, followed by a thermonuclear war, perhaps as soon as three years and seven months from now, Hogue warned. He cited a Nostradamus quatrain as indicating that the friendship between Russia and the US will totally collapse, after it's undermined by a situation in the Middle East:

The two will not remain allied for long,
Within thirteen years they surrender to barbare and Iranian leaders.
There will be such a loss on both sides,
That one will bless Petrus Romanus (the end of millennium Pope.)

Nostradamus wrote of a "third universal conflagration," where there'll be "entirely new weapons-- in one day, more men will die, than all previous wars combined." Other prophets like Bartholomeus from the 17th century, and Stormberger, from the 18th, were known for their accurate predictions of the first and second world wars, and both foresee a third world war, along with the visionary St. Odile, who made predictions of a war that would be waged where people would hurl stars out of the sky down on cities, Hogue detailed.


In the latter half, author James Paris discussed how to incorporate prayer to improve your economic situation, or receive a financial miracle. He recounted how he went from being a millionaire to going broke, after he was the victim of an embezzlement scheme perpetrated by his brother, who was his accountant. Paris' dire situation reversed itself when he turned to prayer, asking God for guidance. Among the steps for successful prayer, he suggested coming into the practice with an attitude of gratefulness for what you already have, as well as allocating enough time for the prayer session.

"Many times we see prayer as an action-- that we should be doing or saying something. But I believe the most effective prayer is sitting quietly and listening, and waiting for God to speak to you," he shared. Also, don't question the things that come into the mind during prayer-- just write them down, as you can always pray over them again and refine them later, he advised. Paris described a variety of financial miracles that occurred to him and his family after his bankruptcy, including a relative coming forward and paying their rent for a year, and getting a free car to use, after their car was repossessed.


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