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In the first half, Professor of History William Forstchen shared updates on the dangers of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack, radiation, and solar storm issues. He sounded a note of caution about North Korea, describing it as a "medieval kingdom ruled by a psychotic that just so happens to have ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons." Forstchen also noted that we're seeing a number of historical parallels to the beginnings of WWII, with what is playing out with Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea.

Regarding the radiation from Fukushima, when you're dealing with the half-life of some of the material that was ejected, we could still be feeling its effects 50-100 years from now, he remarked, adding that building nuclear power plants along a fault line, shows how reckless and desperate we've become in our need for energy. Forstchen recalled the Carrington Event of 1859, a solar storm that was so severe that copper wires melted off telegraph poles. We're overdue for a another such event, which happen every 75-100 years, yet the US has still not passed legislation to protect and fortify the power grid, he reported. People should prepare to be self-sufficient, with a month's worth of food, supplies, and water (including a basic water purifier), he advised.


Third hour guest, clinical psychologist Joseph Gallenberger shared updates on how we can use our psychic energy to create the circumstances we want, as well as enhance our receptivity to luck and good fortune. In terms of success at gambling, intuition tends to more present if a person is open hearted with positive energy, rather than being stuck in ego, with fear-based thoughts chattering in the mind, he detailed. Gallenberger also discussed his home study course, SyncCreation, which helps people manifest their goals, and uses hemi-sync techniques (brainwave synchronization developed by Robert Monroe). For more, check out this video presentation on manifesting.

In the last hour, master of mental energy Jim Karol discussed his journey from being a nationally known mentalist act to his current status as a medical anomaly. He is able to perform amazing feats of memory, such as knowing the locations of thousands of zip codes. Joining the conversation, neurologist Dr. Jonathan Fellus presented his intriguing findings of brain-mapping and testing Karol. His brain is synchronized in a hyperactive way with a harmony of connectivity, and strong signals that show his mind operates very quickly and intensely, as well as efficiently, Fellus explained.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Steve Kates

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