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In this special evening, two different astrologers shared their forecasts, as well as analysis of the chaotic times we're living in. In the first half, Linda Schurman described a current convergence of planets (Pluto, Mars, Uranus, & Jupiter) known as the Grand Cardinal Cross that is "prone to whipping up storms, violence, wars, and terrorists attacks." Extreme weather and climate are also part of this pattern, as well as a challenge to power-- with the wealthy and corporations overriding government, she commented. Between now and the end of the year, she sees increased droughts and crop crises in the western United States.

A lunar eclipse on April 15th will hit the chart of Vladimir Putin, pushing him to extremes, she said. He'll make a huge gas & oil deal with China, "throwing a dart into the sanctions recently instituted against him from the US and Western Europe," and the uncertainty over Ukraine will continue, she predicted. April 15th will also see a leadership crisis with Netanyahu in Israel, she added. She believes we're in a long term but propped-up bull market, but there'll be a huge stock crash in 2017, that will lead into a depression that will last until 2020. Schurman is more enthusiastic about the 2020s, when new sustainable energy technologies such as nuclear fusion will emerge.

In the latter half, Mitchell Lewis also cited April's Grand Cross as a powerful configuration that brings a build-up of energy, and pressure that can have many effects. Both America and Putin have the Grand Cross in their chart, and will be affected by it with increased tensions, he suggested. Looking toward 2016 he sees serious issues in Putin's chart, and predicts that he'll be ousted from power. Lewis, who correctly predicted the last four presidential elections, foresees Hillary Clinton being elected President if she decides to run. The Republicans will nominate a woman to compete against Hillary, he added.

He spoke about his interest in medical astrology, in which he offers diagnosis or analysis during a reading, with the entire astrological chart representing the physical body. Each of the houses, and planets rule different parts of the body. For example, Aries (the first sign of the Zodiac) rules the head, while Pisces (the last sign of the Zodiac) rules the feet, he detailed. Both Schurman and Lewis provided short readings to callers who phoned in.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Stephen Bassett

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