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Supernatural Maine / UFOs & ETs / Open Lines

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George Noory welcomed journalist and author Tom Verde in the first hour for a discussion on the rich supernatural history of Maine. "This old bookseller once characterized Maine to me as the nation's attic... and really what better place to find ghosts than in an attic," Verde said. He shared the nautical legend of a ghost ship called Dash that supposedly appears whenever a descendent of the original crew dies.

He recounted the story of a woman in Boothbay Harbor who had a strange experience late one night on her way to find a veterinarian for her severely injured dog. Unable to locate the veterinary clinic she stopped at the only house around to ask for directions, Verde revealed, noting that an elderly couple clothed in dress attire answered the door and provided directions. The woman later tried to find the house and people who helped her that night and discovered they had been dead for years, he continued. Verde suggested the woman may have had an angelic encounter.

In the second hour, Cosmic Majority founder Michael Luckman talked about the government UFO cover-up, ET contact with the Vatican, and Planet X. He commented on Bill Clinton's recent appearance ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in which the former president indicated that he would not be surprised if aliens existed. Luckman detailed Roswell-proponent Laurance Rockefeller's attempt to get the Clintons to assist him with his UFO disclosure initiative.

He connected the Vatican's search for extraterrestrial life in the universe to the Third Secret of Fatima, which many believe was a mass UFO sighting. Luckman also spoke about Planet X and how the mysterious deaths of two dozen prominent astronomers may be related to the supposed hidden planet of our solar system. All of these researchers were specialists in near-Earth objects, he explained, pointing out that Zecharia Sitchin theorized about a debris field that would accompany Planet X. Luckman proposed a connection between Planet X and the recent surge in comet, asteroid and meteor activity.

The next 90 minutes was devoted to Open Lines. Chris in New York remembered when he was four years old and a UFO parked in the backyard of his house. "It was about thirty foot in diameter and it looked like your average description of a UFO with a little bubble on top," he recalled. Chris said he witnessed the same UFO when he was ten years old and it passed so closely to his house that he could have hit the bottom of the craft with a stone.

Derek from Laguna Niguel, California, told George about the time his 2006 BMW was stolen, tracked and eventually recovered in a remote area of Syria, even though the battery powering the various systems had been disconnected. He wondered how his car could be found so easily when the much more expense and technologically sophisticated Malaysian 777 jetliner remains lost.

A tribute to the late Dr. Evelyn Paglini followed in the last half hour.

News segment guests: Cal Orey / Peter Davenport

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