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In the first half, tax change advocate Bill Spillane spoke on behalf of the 'FairTax' alternative-- a flat retail tax that would replace income and payroll taxes, along with a rebate for those who can't afford it. "The Fair Tax is the most simple possible tax on the American people," while the current income tax system is incredibly complicated, he stated. The retail tax would be for final consumption, so there would be no business-to-business taxes, which would bring prices down on American produced goods, he continued. The costs of our current tax collection system are staggering-- $431 billion for compliance, plus there's $450 billion in a tax gap-- people who under report or don't report at all, and $300 billion uncollected in the underground economy, he detailed.

The income tax rewards foreign producers, and punishes American manufacturers with embedded costs, he noted. With the Fair Tax, people would take home their gross income (minus state taxes), which would be like a 25% raise, and add a trillion dollars to the US economy each year, he continued. There is some congressional interest in the Fair Tax bill, with some 75 sponsors in the House, and 8 in the Senate, but the public has to push it forward, he declared. Spillane also recommended the forthcoming documentary UnFair: Exposing the IRS (view trailer).


In the latter half, close friend to the late Dr. Roger Leir, UFO researcher Ron Garner, discussed the Varginha case, Brazil's Roswell, as well as his research into Area 51's subterranean levels, where microbiologist Dan Burisch allegedly worked with an ET entity stationed there. According to Garner's sources, including John Lear, the Corps of Engineers took off the top of Papoose Mountain at Area 51, built the five levels, and then put the mountain top back on. Reportedly, on the bottom level, the alien entity/ambassador "J-Rod" was kept for decades, after crashing in Kingman, AZ in 1953. There were initially three beings from the crash, and Burisch told Garner that they were actually humans from the future. One was from 52,000 years in the future (J-Rod), the other was 45,000 years and was sent to Los Alamos, Garner recounted.

Regarding the 1996 Varginha case, Garner and Leir arranged to interview the orthopedic surgeon who claimed he was brought a damaged 4-ft. tall ET creature by the Brazilian army. Futurist and UFO researcher Dr. J. J. Hurtak joined the conversation in the last hour, sharing his additional investigation into the Brazilian case. The beings were a kind of sub-ET/hybrid type, demonstrating a lack of high intelligence or motor coordination, he said.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates


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In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the first of four "blood moon" total lunar eclipses will occur, with the three others following at six month intervals. On the East Coast of the US, the eclipse can be observed starting around 2AM if weather permits. The name 'blood moon' refers to a reddish color that appears due to atmospheric effects. You can also watch the event live on the Slooh community telescope webcast. More info at Space.com.

Pictured: Lunar eclipse from February 21, 2008, as seen over Sofia, Bulgaria.

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