American Oligarchy/ Angelic Guidance

American Oligarchy/ Angelic Guidance


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsCraig Hulet, Dimitri Moraitis, Barbara Y. Martin

In the first half, analyst of geopolitics and foreign policy, Craig Hulet, talked about a new study that concludes America is not a democracy but an oligarchy, as well as events in the news such as the Nevada ranch standoff, and the situation in Ukraine. The study on oligarchy was conducted by two professors from Princeton, he noted, and correlates with a model by Swiss scientists that demonstrated how multinational corporations dominate every aspect of our lives. The central point of the Princeton research is that "the economic elite in organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence,” he recounted.

The economic elite or oligarchy has their own agenda and have no interest in democracy or a free republic, Hulet stated. They practice "corporatism," and as the elite, believe they should be the ones making the decisions, he continued. The next stage of their plan is about to happen-- the legalization of marijuana nationwide, which could create a more dulled and manageable population, he inferred. "In a very short amount time-- 3 to 5 years, you're not going to recognize this country, and the people in power are going to stop pretending that it's democratic," Hulet warned.


In the latter half, expert on auras, human energy and reincarnation, Dimitri Moraitis, discussed his work with Barbara Martin (who appeared in the first segment with him) on communicating with the divine, and various types of angels, as well as the nature of evil. There is a spiritual hierarchy – a network of divine beings on the Other Side (or astral plane), who administer the divine plan that is in place for humanity, he suggested. Angels are part of this hierarchy, and there are teaching angels and guardian angels who assist individuals, though they don't interfere with their free will, he reported. However, the angels have intervened three times in the past to avert a nuclear war, because the setback to humanity would have been so great, Moraitis shared.

One of the big planetary tests that celestial beings are observing right now concerns whether humanity can put the divine above financial matters, he detailed, adding that sometimes the soul has to suffer a little bit in order to reach understanding. Interestingly, the angelic order is the process of evolving themselves, and will go on to even greater glories, such as angels becoming archangels, Moraitis related. The relationship between humans and angels is a cooperative effort-- they're not here as an adornment, but rather as partners in our success and fulfillment, and can be more active when we become aware of them, he said, noting that a meditation practice is a great tool to get quiet and hear what the divine has to say.

News segment guests: Capt. Kelly Sweeney, Catherine Austin Fitts



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