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George Noory welcomed psychic Anthony Carr, who talked about how he developed his powers of clairvoyance and what he sees in the future. Carr recalled his fascination with a gypsy woman at the circus where his father worked as a high diver. He credited her with teaching him how to read palms—a skill he used to launch his career as a psychic.

"Ten percent of my predictions are one hundred percent accurate," Carr said. He shared a forecast made in 2012 about Russian President Vladimir Putin that seems to have, at least in part, come to pass. According to Carr, Putin would begin reuniting the former USSR, turn against the United States and, ultimately, be superseded by someone much worse. The world is on the brink of a third world war, he continued, noting that conflict in the Middle East will eventually engulf the rest of the planet. He also expects Hillary Clinton to become the first female US president.

Carr shared his theory on the origin of humankind. "There's no doubt in my mind that we were created by extraterrestrials [for slave labor]," he suggested. He predicted that God, whom he called the Star-traveler, will return to Earth and bring about judgment to modify man's errant behavior. Carr also spoke about his music background, playing with such notables as The Marquees and Ben E. King (best known for the song "Stand by Me") as well as his current band, The Rave.


During Open Lines, a caller named Lather described seeing "a big giant triangle" in the skies over his home in Spokane, Washington. The craft was black with three lights, one on each corner, and hovered in the air without making a sound, he recalled. Lather said his wife and some friends have also seen the mysterious flying triangle. Bonnie from Pahrump, Nevada, told George about a 10-ft tall rock wall in Blue Diamond, Nevada that appears to have been constructed to hide an unusual excavation project. "I believe it is possible we are being attacked underground," she said.

John in South Bend, Indiana, claimed President Franklin D. Roosevelt died of a self-inflicted .38 caliber gunshot wound and not from a cerebral hemorrhage, as history records. He suggested the CIA may have been involved but declined say how he came to know this information. He also revealed that JFK was purposely given the wrong blood type in the emergency operating room at Parkland Hospital to ensure he did not live after he was shot.

The last half hour featured a past interview with author Michael Ruppert, who died this week of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

News segment guests: Ryan Mauro/ Stan Deyo /Peter Davenport

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